Tucker’s Terrific Take on Biden’s Speech and the Destruction Dems Have Wrought

We reported that Joe Biden delivered a primetime speech to the nation last night. This was his last chance for people to see what he and the Democrats did to win their votes before the midterm elections. He spoke about his plans to reduce crime and inflation, two of America’s top concerns.

Biden instead used this moment to tell people to vote for Democrats due to the “threat of democracy” – that is, because “democracy was on their ballot.”

Biden attacked the 2020 election, claiming that there were over 300 “election denier” candidates. In the same speech, Biden also questioned the 2020 election and claimed that more than 300 “election deniers” were running.

Then he claimed that it could take “days” for the votes to be counted — which caused many to wonder if we were being prepared for something questionable.

We knew the time the night before or the day after, unless there was an unusual problem or a close race. It’s not the way things “are supposed” to work.

Tucker Carlson gave a great interpretation of what the speech was about. They know that the Democrats are about to be subject to a “humiliating repudiation” in the next week’s elections and that they will lose both the House and Senate. Even in places where Biden won, they’re likely to lose. They might even lose the NY governor’s election. Because Democrats have “failed, conclusively”, a “realignment is in the works.”

Tucker stated that “no group in American history has done an even worse job of running this country than these neoliberals currently in control.” They are intolerant, vicious, and utterly corrupt. They are, above all, incompetent. They have run this country to the ground in less than two years, destroying our economy and desecrating our military, and opening up the United States’ borders to over five million lawbreakers. It’s difficult to explain the extent of their destruction. There will be consequences. How could this party remain in power in a country that has democratic elections?

They are afraid of the conclusion. They know they will be tossed out. So they try to do everything they can to avoid it.

Tucker pointed out that Joe Biden’s speech venue was Union Station. Once a beautiful place, it is now an emblem of failure. They tried to clean it up by getting rid of the homeless before the speech, but that didn’t hide the truth. Tucker noted that Biden is trying to tell us, “The man who showers with his daughter, is telling you you are a bad person.”

Carlson observed how strange it was that Biden demanded that no one complains about the election results. “But don’t be alarmed…And don’t ask questions!” Or you’re a criminal!” He didn’t make a pitch about the work Biden did to win your vote. Instead, he told you to accept them. Carlson stated, “It was strange.” “And it didn’t inspire confidence.”

After having failed so many times, they don’t have anything left to offer. They are trying to discredit the tsunami that is coming. It is also worrying that Biden appears to be prepping for questions about race and races taking several days. Instead of reassuring people with his own words he raised more concerns about the election. How can the left accept that they were defeated so easily? They won’t accept it, given all they have seen so far.