Tucker Carlson’s Response to Who Melania Would Choose as Trump’s VP

Conservatives Daily previously reported that Melania Trump has recently announced her choice for vice president of her husband’s presumed ticket in 2024: Tucker Carlson.

Here’s a bit of what was said to Axios, who even provided a supposed quote of what Melania Trump thinks about the idea, saying Carlson “would make a powerful onstage extension of her husband.”

Trump could choose South Dakota Gov. Ambassador Nikki Haley or even Arizona Republican Kari Lake.

In an interesting twist, Melania Trump, Trump’s spouse, is said to have lobbied on behalf of Tucker Carlson, one of the most prominent figures in conservative media.

Axios reported that Melania believes Carlson would “make a powerful extension of her husband on stage.”

Carlson responded to the question Thursday evening. He quickly ruled out the idea, which may surprise some.

Tucker Carlson said at the APP gala that God would have to yell very loudly at him if he was going to be a VP for Trump. He adds that “being around politicians all the time is so repulsive for me.”

Tucker Carlson replies, “I don’t have any interest in that,” when asked again by a member of his audience if he would be Trump’s vice president. Tucker Carlson says that he gives a lecture to his staff, telling them “Stay in your freaking lanes.”

I don’t know if I am in the majority, but I knew he would say this. Carlson knows what he’s doing. Carlson knows he has more money than he could ever spend, a loving wife and family, and the ability to live his life as he chooses. He’s laughed at the idea of entering politics for years, and I never thought it was just a show of faux humility. I can’t fault him for his genuine lack of enthusiasm.

Another major factor will also influence the decision of anyone who is offered the position of vice president in a Trump ticket. Right now, the majority of the right is high in the polls. They act as if this current climate will be the same one that exists in November 2024. You have to understand that Democrats are not yet spending money on Trump’s campaign (they will have more than one billion dollars at the end of it). They still have what they consider to be their ace in the hole.

No one indeed wants it to be discussed, but Andrew McCarthy pointed out recently that there is a storm on the way that Republicans are trying hard to ignore.

McCarthy continues to state in his article, that a conviction is almost certain due to the location of the trial. It is also very unlikely that Trump would be granted bail while he appeals because federal law does not allow this. If you think 2023 is stupid, just wait until mid-2024. It will be crazy, and to keep my sanity I am firmly in the “just laugh” phase.

Would Tucker Carlson – a man who has the world at his fingertips – want to get into the middle of a political nuclear war and take on all the risks that come with it? I think that the answer is quite obvious. He’s free, and most free men don’t want to be tied down by a new chain. I believe that not everyone wants to be in power.