Tucker Carlson Is Back, Sounds off on FBI Raid and DOJ

Fox News host Tucker Carlson returned to “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” and he had his first chance to sound off on the FBI/Department of Justice raid of Mar-a-Lago, and it’s clear that Carlson might be even more effective having been gone all last week as the story developed. Tucker began his monologue by speaking about law enforcement and that the raid on Mar-a-Lago was a “power grab.”

Carlson stated:

“For argument’s sake, we will assume that Donald Trump had classified documents in his basement”.

Watch the entire opening monologue here. It is well worth it.

He asked about the nuclear secrets MSNBC repeated and what Trump might do.

“Nuclear secrets! “… “Give Vladimir Putin the launch codes. ”

Carlson also spoke out against the absurdity of Michael Hayden, ex-Director of CIA, suggesting that Trump should be executed.

Carlson said:

“Nuclear secrets? If the Biden administration really believed that, if they really thought Donald Trump possessed documents that posed an imminent danger to American national security, then you have to wonder why they’d wait a year and a half to do anything about it. Why did they wait until 90 days before our midterm election? … Despite superficial appearances, the raid on Mar-a-Lago was not an act of law enforcement. It was the opposite of that. It was an attack on the rule of law. It was a power grab.”

He stated that the DOJ was investigating Trump’s close friends. Carlson stated,

“Permanent Washington doesn’t want Trump to run again. Of course, it’s their greatest fear & they’re doing all they can to prevent it. It turns out Democracy was too important to let voters choose their own President.”

He concluded the monologue by saying:

“But they don’t care, because they’re facing a repudiation from voters and they’re desperate, and they’ll do anything. But at what cost? Pray they pull back before it’s too late.”

Carlson did not hold back, and White House reporters should at least attempt to ask these questions to Karine Jean-Pierre, Joe Biden, or whoever is willing to speak to the media from the administration.