Trump’s Holds Nevada Rally Despite Cancellation

President Trump recently announced that he intends to hold two campaign rallies in Nevada. Gov. Steve Sisolak was not too happy about that, but hey, he’s always a man of hypocrisy. He wants his entire state to dine with a face mask on while he’s off socializing with Henderson Mayor Debra March in a restaurant mask-less. 

Two large rallies had already been planned in Las Vegas for the President’s 2020 re-election campaign but they had been canceled because of “limitations on public gatherings.” So you can go to a casino or to a BLM “protest” but you can’t go to church or a campaign rally. Despite that, the Trump Administration said the President still intends to travel to Nevada and hold rallies at other locations. 

One of the rallies was supposed to be held at the Reno-Tahoe Airport. Their authorities denied the cancellations had anything to do with politics, but that it did not comply with the Governor’s directive and Washoe County’s recommendation during a pandemic. 

“Democrats are trying to keep President Trump from speaking to voters because they know the enthusiasm behind his re-election campaign cannot be matched by Joe Biden — a historically weak candidate controlled by the radical left who could hold a campaign event in a broom closet,” said Trump 2020 communications director Tim Murtaugh.

President Trump found the Mayor’s orders to be “full of it” and he continued his plans throughout the weekend. Saturday, President Trump held an outdoor rally at the Minden-Tahoe airport. Some attendees even came from nearby California. On Sunday, there was a packed indoor rally in Henderson, NV. 

The huge Nevada crowd was proof that the people want four more years of President Trump. They are done with being on lockdown. People need each other. They don’t want to be divided anymore by the radical left and the joy at the Henderson rally showed just that.  

The City of Henderson even tried to issue a compliance letter and verbal warning to the venue that their event was in direct violation of the governor’s COVID-19 emergency directives. More than 50 people in a private or public setting are prohibited. They fined Xtreme Manufacturing a penalty of $3,000 for six violations. 

If President Trump does the rallies, he gets his message out. If he doesn’t, he gets hammered by the media for hiding. It’s always a lose-lose situation for fake news and their biased journalism.