Trump Rallies Crowd for Arizona GOP Slate With Focus on Border and Fentanyl

On Sunday, former President Donald Trump rallied in Mesa, Arizona to support candidates he had endorsed for the November midterm elections.

While the rally was primarily focused on supporting candidates for the Arizona Republican Party, Trump’s remarks on the state were mainly focused on Blake Masters, the senate nominee, and Kari Lake the gubernatorial candidate.

Trump spoke out about the current senator, saying that “thirty days later the people of Arizona will fire your radical and highly competent Senator Mark Kelly.”

”We need new blood, we need strong blood,” he added, as Masters is 36 years old. He is currently polling on average 4.1 percent behind Kelly in the competitive race.

The fentanyl crisis and border security were the most discussed issues.

Masters stated, “Just take a look at what Joe Biden has done to the southern border,” “They have surrounded the border with Mexican drug cartels, they gave up.”

Lake stated that fentanyl trafficking across the southern border is affecting the state’s reputation. According to county data, Maricopa County saw a rise in synthetic opioid overdose deaths (which include tramadol or fentanyl) between 2012 and 2021.

She stated, “I want to be known as the Grand Canyon State, and not the fentanyl State.” “So, I am officially notifying the cartels.” “Arizona is ending your days.”

According to the RealClearPolitics average poll, the Republican is up by 1.1 percentage points. She also blamed President Joe Biden, saying that the media has not covered the issue enough.

Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, spoke when the ex-president addressed the audience. He talked about the Trump administration’s policies on immigration.

There were still comments on many topics, including inflation, free speech, and the 2020 election.

Masters stated that he would like the economy to reach a point where families can afford to have a family on one income.

Trump also touched on abortion. He said that he believed in “three exceptions to the practice”, which he stated were rape and incest, and danger to the mother’s life. Trump also stated that people would be “very happy with the 2024 decision.

Trump stated, “He had heard from many powerful and influential people that they must sue the government for prosecutorial misconduct, and frankly, for violating their own civil rights, and there is a lot to that.”

As previously reported, he is currently under federal investigation for possession of certain classified documents left after he left office. He is also being sued by New York Attorney General Leticia Jam for financial fraud.

“Who the hell is this person?” He said, “They’ve been doing it to me for years.” “No other president has been treated this way since I walked down the golden escalator at Trump Tower.” “I don’t complain because I’m doing a great deal for the people of this country.”

Mark Finchem, Secretary of State nominee, and Abe Hamadeh, Attorney General nominee, addressed the crowd, among other things.