Trump: DeSantis Is Colluding With Biden’s DOJ to Stop the MAGA Movement

Trump’s campaign accuses Ron DeSantis of colluding with Biden’s Department of Justice in anticipation of Special Counsel Jack Smith bringing criminal charges against Donald Trump relating to January 6.

Trump, who had received a target letter from Smith last July, declined Smith’s invite to speak before a grand jury in Washington, D.C., the week prior. When Trump announced he had received the “target letter,” said that he thought it was an indication of an “arrest” and “indictment”.

The email sent to supporters had the subject: “Unholy Alliance: DeSantis Campaign Colluding with Biden’s Weaponized DOJ to Stop President Trump and the MAGA Movement.”

This email stated:

DeSantis’ campaign was doomed from the start. Ron DeSantis, who failed to launch his campaign completely, has been embracing establishment RINOs. Ron DeSantis, despite spending millions to promote his campaign, continues to sink to new lows in every poll.

DeSantis, his handlers, and the establishment have now resorted, after yet another failed reboot attempt, to directly paraphrasing radical Leftist talking points.

Ron DeSanctimonious’ top lieutenants confessed to burning donor money when he was summoned to donors to explain the flailing of his campaign.

Even more telling, is that a top DeSantis fund-raiser confessed to the fact that their “strategy’ relied on endless political prosecutions by radical Leftist prosecutors of President Trump.

Ron, as the DeSantis’ campaign continues to crumble, has shown that he is willing to side with deranged Marxist prosecutors, and the radical Left, for any chance to stop the nosedive which has left him third, only heading south.

The identity of the “top DeSantis fundraiser” referenced in the Trump email is unclear. The email links to an NBC News story about a gathering of DeSantis donors and fundraisers that occurred in Salt Lake City over the weekend with the purpose of discussing a “reset” of the DeSantis campaign. The piece ends with a quote from Hal Lambert:

Lambert also said that the likelihood of additional Trump indictments will impact the trajectory of the race and that he thinks at least “there is a possibility” Trump’s legal troubles make it so he must drop out of the race.

He said that if another indictment from D.C. came, they could have it done before the end of the year.

Lambert also spoke earlier in the NBC article about the impact the Milwaukee debate had on race, as well as the controversy over the changes in Florida school curriculums for teaching African American History.