Tragic Incident: 12-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Fast-Food Employee in Texas

Authorities have reported that a 12-year-old Texas boy has been accused of killing a fast-food employee with an AR-15 rifle during a heated argument between him and another man. The man and child are facing criminal charges.

Keene Police Department reports that the shooting took place Saturday night at a Sonic Drive-In located in Keene. Officers found Matthew Davis, 32, with multiple gunshot wounds.

He died at the hospital.

Authorities believe Angel Gomez, 20, was at the Sonic with passengers in his vehicle. He began arguing and acting disorderly in the parking lot and was confronted by Davis, a Sonic employee, police said. Gomez was allegedly urinating in the back of the parking lot when Davis came to talk to him.

The 12-year-old shooting suspect, who remains anonymous but was in Gomez’s car, grabbed the AR-15 rifle during the argument and fired it, taking the weapon from the vehicle. Davis had been shot.

Gomez fled with the child. Gomez later returned to the scene and was arrested. The police said the boy had been arrested at a later date and that several firearms were recovered in. the home.

Both men are facing murder charges.

Davis’ family told the news outlet he had just moved from New Hampshire to Keene two weeks ago and started working at Sonic. Davis left behind a 1-year-old son.