To Protect His Lead in This State, Biden & Harris are Playing Footsie with Hamas

What’s a Democrat administration supposed to do when the American public broadly supports our most important ally fighting an existential terrorist threat but a narrow constituency at home could cost them a must-win state in 2024?

Play footsie with terrorists?

The AP reported on Thursday that Michigan Democrats sent a strong warning to the White House in this past week. Abraham Aiyash told AP that the message had been sent. He is an Arab American who is the third highest-ranking Democrat in Michigan’s House of Representatives. We’ve spoken with DNC officials.

Aiyash said, “We have been clear that humanity is important, but if you are not going to consider that at the moment, be aware that this will have electoral repercussions.”

Translation: Stop your Israeli dogs in Gaza, or you’ll lose the Arab vote in Michigan and hand the state over to Trump.

Also from AP:

Michigan has the highest concentration of Arab Americans of any state in the country. Over 310,000 of its residents have Middle Eastern or North African roots. Many people in the community have pledged to unite against Biden if he does not call for a ceasefire.

Aiyash, who is only 29 and the majority leader of the Michigan House at the moment, has a bright future in Democrat Party politics. Recent polls in the United States show that “young Americans are less supportive of Israel amid the war against Hamas.”

Recent protests at college campuses and elsewhere indicate that the Democrats are moving away from their traditional allies towards terrorist groups like Hamas.

The fact that President Joe Biden, and alleged Vice-President Kamala Harris, suddenly changed their tone about the Israel-Hamas War in the past few days is due to this shift as well as the real risk of losing Michigan.

Harris, whose Hindi name is “Kamala”, which means “tone-deaf,” made waves when she announced on Wednesday that she and Biden launched “the first National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia in the country.”

Biden reiterated Harris’ statement, saying that “we cannot stand by as hatred against Muslims and those who are wrongly perceived to be Muslim is given air”. This includes Arabs, Sikhs, and others.

Let’s talk hate, shall we?

Reuters reported that last week “US antisemitic crimes are up by about 400% since the Israel-Hamas conflict began.” Here’s a WSJ article from Friday: “Israel’s quest to identify every Hamas victim leaves scientists exhausted and traumatized.” You can listen to Hamas terrorists who “describe playing with decapitated Israeli heads during the October 7 massacre” at this link. You can also visit Hamas Massacre where “graphic images and videos document the horrors that occurred on October 7.”

The Biden administration says, “Whatever to all of that, the Michigan Islamic vote won’t court itself, you understand.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is currently in Israel to push for “humanitarian breaks” in Israel’s campaign against Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist group. They don’t wear uniforms, and they do not recognize any legal authority on war conduct. They will disappear if you give them a moment to pause.

Hamas’ “humanitarian pauses”, or “letting Hamas blend with civilians to escape and murder again” is a diplo-speak phrase.

It is important to keep in mind this. The Biden administration is desperately trying to find a middle ground between terrorists that murder, rape, and kidnap ravers to be used as human shields and a civilized country following the rules for war and trying to prevent this from happening again.

Only to win a couple of votes in Michigan.