Tim Scott Warns: Biased Lawfare Driving Black Voters Towards Trump

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., argues that Democrats’ attempts to bankrupt Donald Trump and destroy him are likely to encourage black Americans to switch their allegiances to Trump and the GOP.

Scott criticized the Democrat lawfare, but he also saw a positive outcome. Trump sat down in a New York Courtroom, yet again, due to criminal charges brought by leftist DA Alvin Bragg who is Soros-connected and anti-Trump. Scott told Breitbart that there’s no question that a 75 percent increase of black men supporting President Trump is not a small increase. “That’s a huge step in the right direction.” Why?

The Republican Senator told Breitbart: “So, that’s exactly what you see in the black community, from black men specifically. And, frankly, Black women have gone from 2.5 or 3 percent to 11 percent. This is a 300-percent improvement. It’s not just because we want a powerful, fair, and strong justice system.” When you ask, “Am I better off economically under four years under Trump or four of Biden?” the answer is unambiguous: Trump is better off.”

Joe Biden was not able to offer the same positives that Trump did. “Our country had a better safety record under Trump. Fentanyl, which is ravaging our communities, was better under Trump. Scott continued, “There’s no stat that matters for people – black people, whites, Asians or Hispanics. Women, men, or women of any race – there’s no stat where you are not better off with Trump than Biden.”

On Monday, the New York trial started with jury selection – and some potential jurors were reportedly excluded based on bias – while Trump was threatened to be arrested if he left to attend his son’s graduation. Scott called Judge Juan Merchan’s refusal to decide on a motion allowing Trump to attend his son’s high school graduation “simply incorrect, ridiculous, un-American”…

Scott declared emphatically that he believed Bragg did not want justice to be served without bias, a fair trial, or an impartial jury. Democrats “literally try to engineer [the] election results they want” by keeping President Trump away from the campaign trail. Scott said, “Frankly, this is an attack on American justice.”

Scott stated, “The simple way to understand what’s going on is that if he wasn’t running for president, then he wouldn’t be on trial. That’s the reason I began with election engineering. We should reflect on the facts, which are that this case is no longer a legal issue. Who wants a system of justice that decides who to pursue based on whether or not you like the person or what office they are running for? Imagine if it wasn’t about the blue and red parties, but a race issue. Imagine a black person being targeted by the legal system because of their color and what they stand for in America. This is, for me, the easiest way to see how this situation would have been if the New York system had not been biased against President Trump.”

Scott said that he believes Trump will ultimately win the election in 2024. Scott, a Republican Senator, said that the “coalition” of new voters joining the party as well as the ability to retain the current voters will be crucial to achieving this win. The Republican senator said that the “coalition of new voters coming to the party and the ability to maintain the voters we currently have” will be key in this win.