Tim Allen Speaks Out About Lightyear

Extra TV interviewed Tim Allen regarding Disney-Pixar’s latest failure Lightyear.

Allen, the original voice of the character Buzz Lightyear, stated in the interview that the latest film was completely different from the original movies.

Allen stated, “I have avoided this ’cause [with original characters] it lacks nothing”. “This new team really doesn’t have anything to do with the first movies. ”

Allen stated, “I’m no plot guy,” and that Lightyear was not connected to the toy.

Disney did not sign Allen’s voice talent. They said that the Lightyear story was an origin story and that it was more serious than Toy Story. Yahoo reports that a Galyn Susman Lightyear producer stated that Buzz Lightyear’s movie has been made.

In a Vanity Fair Interview, the director of Angus MacLane Lightyear stated that Tim’s Buzz version was a little more silly and dumber than his. He is therefore comic relief. He said, “In this film, Buzz is an action hero.”

The old character is only dumb and comical. Our movie is better than any other. Look at Lucasfilm.

Disney does not want to disrespect Lucasfilm’s intellectual properties. It also wants all of its intellectual property rewritten.

It is tempting to believe that Disney replaced Tim Allen with Chris Evans and rewrote Buzz in order to make it more serious. Allen’s conservative views made him call the original “dumb”. Decider says that Allen is a comedian who doesn’t respect the rules of the left, making him hilarious.

Allen joked that he saw a 13-year-old boy at Disneyland and wondered if he was pansexual since he loves skillets.

He joked about how he finally found a pronoun that includes and offends everyone equally in another tweet.

Joking around with pronouns can have devastating consequences for your Hollywood career. Gina Carano.

After another tweet, Disney decided to cancel Carano’s role in The Mandalorian. The Daily Wire helped Carano make Terror On The Prairie.

Allen and Richard Karn (his former Home Improvement star) currently have their own series called More Power on History. Disney+ could also bring back Allen, but likely with a woman. Feminism is a strongly held belief.