Thousands Of Violent Rioters Just Called “Largely Peaceful”

Thousands of Black Lives Matter rioters, 5,500 to be exact, gathered in the streets of Rochester, NY Friday night smashing windows and setting things on fire. Videos show rioters storming into restaurants and threatening everyone to shut down. They were smashing dishes, overturning tables, and essentially trashing the place. What will destroying property and running off innocent people do for the BLM cause besides giving them a bad name?

The rioters that night attacked the police, threw projectiles, and tossed fireworks at them. The police ultimately had to fire tear gas and pepper balls at the rioters. If you ask me, it didn’t look like a peaceful protest. It’s shocking when you realize the degree to which these violent uprisings have been virtually supported by liberal-washed cable news and national networks. 

“Largely peaceful protesters demonstrating against the suffocation death of Daniel Prude marched Friday outside police headquarters in Rochester, NY — as officers doused some activists with a chemical spray & repeatedly fired an irritant to disperse crowds,” read a CBS News tweet. Attached was a video from that night showing people fully outfitted with riot gear, helmets, and weapons. They weren’t looking for a protest, they were looking for a fight. But, oh right. “Largely peaceful.”

This just continues to show how left-winged the news stations really are, almost as if it’s a directive from the Biden campaign itself. Every video that has surfaced so far has been agitators “clashing” with the police. It has always turned violent because of the rioters, never the police. 

Twitter users bashed CBS for the irony of using the term “largely peaceful.” 

“It’s beyond parody at this point. This is the same mob that violently shut down a restaurant last night (video CBS didn’t bother to share) and set several fires, but CBS News declares them “largely peaceful” and blames the cops,” one Twitter user wrote. 

Others pointed out that the video shows the crowd attacking outdoor diners and throwing patio furniture around, calling CBS a “joke” and “fake news.”

CBS is just another liberal corporate media pandering to click bait. They don’t care who gets hurt along the way, whether it’s an innocent American citizen or a family-owned business being burned to ashes. As long as the left continues to push their political agendas, nothing else matters.