Thousands of Illegal Immigrants to Be Released into U.S. Under Biden’s New Program

Homeland Security announced a program that allows illegal immigrants to enter America while pretending they are legal.

Elizabeth Jacobs of the Center for Immigration Studies revealed that this program seemed to go beyond constitutional boundaries and hide the terrible border crossing statistics while paroling the illegal immigrants who come from El Salvador and Honduras. This program also includes Colombians, Guatemalans, and other migrants.

According to DHS, up to 73,500 foreigners (32,600 Salvadorans; 17,400 Colombians; 12,800 Guatemalans, and 10,700 Hondurans) could qualify for work authorizations and parole under the program.

These nationals also need to meet the criteria set by DHS in order to be eligible for this new process. These nationals will also need to meet specific criteria established by DHS.

Jacobs said that the new program is inconsistent with the “language and history” in the parole statute. DHS only has “limited authority” when it comes to parole aliens. This must be done on a “case-by-case basis,” she said. Jacobs said that the new program does not seem to follow this system despite DHS’s assertions.

The DHS is claiming that the new program is a “significant public benefit,” “promoting family unity” and “providing a lawful and timely alternative to irregular migration.” By applying such standards to a large group of people, though, the DHS’s program goes beyond what Congress has authorized, Jacobs stated. And it’s Congress that constitutionally regulates immigration.

The Biden Administration can hide the facts behind the illegal immigration crisis by allowing aliens to enter the United States through this program. In recent years, these countries have accounted for the majority of border encounters.

The new program allows migrant workers to receive up to three years of parole. Jacobs said that they can also apply again. Jacobs clarified the fact that parole was only meant to be temporary.

So more illegal aliens, including who knows how many dangerous individuals, will continue to pour into the U.S. with help from the Biden administration. Because there’s no such thing as U.S. borders anymore.