Third World Squatters Take Over Bidenville

New York City’s scenes of asylum seekers living in the streets are unlike anything seen since the Great Depression.

Joe Biden turned his back on thousands of migrants who had crossed the border and were waiting for New York to be a sanctuary city. He mocked the cities that are overburdened and can’t handle the number of asylum seekers from the border.

The consequences of virtue signaling how compassionate you are – as long as illegal immigrants are homeless and squatting somewhere else like Texas – are finally coming to New York.

It’s a crisis because Joe Biden is an inept and weak president. He can’t face the open-borders movement that wants to let as many people in as can get to the border. They do not want to limit migration. They don’t give a damn about “migrants” or “asylum-seekers”, or whatever name they choose to give them. It’s about opening all borders.

The United States government and its citizens are not important to them.

Carley Shimkus, a Fox & Friends co-host, told Councilwoman Vickie Paladino Thursday that “it’s downgrading all.” “I was born and raised in New York. This is the whole of New York. This is all New York. “They’re killing the pulse of this country.”

Fox News:

Officials from the city said that the Roosevelt Hotel was an arrival center where migrants could get food, vaccinations and meet with caseworkers. However, it has reached its maximum capacity, which is why many are seeking shelter outside.

The center is a humanitarian aid center, which only houses families and children. They are the first to arrive. Adult asylum seekers who are not placed at the Roosevelt wait outside.

Paladino stated that the overcrowding was “absolutely, absolutely out-of-control”.

Mayor Eric Adams has demanded that Biden declare an emergency. He warned that “this is coming to a neighborhood near you”.

Robert Holden, a Democratic New York City Councilman, called the situation “absurd”.

Come up with a strategy. We haven’t been told of a plan. Holden said, “It’s absurd.” Holden said, “Let’s just let 100,000 foreigners, migrants, and unvetted foreigners into New York City, then say ‘Here you go’.”

He continued, “We will have to spend 8 million dollars a day in New York City and we haven’t yet heard of a plan by this administration.” “Joe Biden has his head down.” “The whole administration is asleep at the wheel.”

New York Sun:

After word spread in the border camps that the city offered free food and housing to anyone who came, the migrants were drawn to the city. New York City is the only place in the United States that has a law that requires it to offer housing to anyone who asks for it.

Adams, a Democrat from Massachusetts, has publicly criticized the Biden Administration’s policy to allow tens and thousands of asylum seekers in the country under a humanitarian pardon program. Migrants, who have made an appointment through a mobile app called CBP One, are interviewed and released at the port of entrance pending a hearing on their asylum request. This can be years down the road.

Biden is AWOL. The president will not even acknowledge the crisis. He won’t even acknowledge the crisis.

New York Post:

Despite all the noise made by Mayor Eric Adams, the federal government has only offered a Department of Homeland Security Liaison to help coordinate the pitiful amount of federal assistance.

Team Biden still hasn’t delivered on this promise, even a week after DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas made it.

They are not bothered. New York City is going to deliver millions of votes, and millions of dollars, for Biden’s election, regardless of how he insults Adams and the entire town.

No one expects that the relationship will be worthwhile: it’s the most pitiful token of assistance imaginable. The insult is compounded when the token of help is not delivered.

Biden cannot close the border while he is under the thumbs of the open-borders group. The prospect that this crisis will get worse every day increases.

Bidenville will soon be arriving in a city near you.