The White House Has Found a New Way to Hide the Disaster That Is Kamala Harris

Politico attempts to make it seem like it’s a positive thing. The new strategy was designed to help Kamala Harris, the alleged vice president, “turn the corner” on her perception in the media and the country. Everyone can see the truth. Biden’s handlers keep The Cackler busy with issues that are far away from the forefront. Few, if any reporters, will be able to report on the most incomprehensible or obvious thing she said or the newest way she has shown that she is totally out of her depth.

Politico reported that Vice President Kamala Harris made a day trip to Greenville, Mississippi, in April. This was after she had returned from a trip to Poland, and while making dozens of calls for senators to confirm Judge Ketanji brown Jackson’s confirmation, Kamala Harris traveled to Poland. The Southern border. Ukraine. She could not go anywhere else to get into any trouble.

Harris ended up in a “rural town of 30,000” along the Mississippi River. Politico said Harris went there out of kindness, as she wanted to talk about “small businesses and community lending programs.”

This was the story anyway and Bill Bynum was adhering to it. He was identified by Politico as a member of an agency reviewing team during the transition. He explained that she wanted to understand the needs of places like the Delta, then in the Alabama Black Belt, and the Deep South. Bynum also claimed that Harris had shared their thoughts about “how the administration could help increase investments in underserved areas” and that he told her that Harris had said to him: “Well Madam Vice President,” adding that Harris was a member of an agency review team during the transition. It was part of a “under-noticed strategy for the VP’s office in which she’s to focus on how administration policies are intersect with forgotten communities.

If there’s a strategy, it is to make the vice president “under-noticed.” She spends more time in Greenville, Miss. She also visits Sunset, La. (which Politico lists as her other stops), and she is less likely to show the world that she’s not very bright. She spends more time focusing on “increasing investment in underserved areas,” and less time asking about racism, pondering over the passage of time, or telling us that prices have risen.

In a sense, the new strategy may not be as genius as Politico would have us believe. Harris isn’t passive: The White House can point out all the things she’s involved in. Jen Psaki and Karine Jean Pierre can point out to Peter Doocy, or anyone else, that Harris isn’t inactive.

Politico even admits tacitly that Harris isn’t doing anything that matters. According to the Biden advisor Cedric Richmond, it’s not necessary that we win Mississippi or Louisiana. But it does make a difference in people feeling that they are seen and heard. We hope that communities that are similar to those in the United States will see that we do see them, even if it is not possible for us to make it to their community. Her visits won’t make any political or other difference, but they keep her busy in an environment that is relatively safe.

What could be the downside to this? Dementia Joe’s faltering performance could mean that she may end up becoming president of the United States. She won’t have the time to spend her tenure in Greenville Miss., which will show how much Leftist intelligencesia cares for “underserved communities”. It’s not. Harris’ failures and inadequacies will then be magnified far more than they are now. They will not be hidden.