The Way Of The Radical Puppet

Sleepy Joe is back at it again and it looks like we’re going to need a translator sooner or later. With everyone playing the “Blame Trump” game, ongoing riots, a pandemic, and everything else, it’s easy to forget that Joe Biden is still running for president. The strategy of keeping him locked up in the basement while President Trump actively campaigns has been quite successful. It allows him to stay out of the public eye and handpick his own questions when sharing campaign videos on Twitter.

Despite the Biden campaign’s “best efforts,” it’s nearly impossible to decipher what the former VP is saying half the time. His brain is looking to hit a hard reset and it shows. In a recent video, Biden mumbles and forgets what he’s saying every few seconds, then eventually falls back on the same excuse that he’s “taking too much time.” He’s used that line several times during primary debates when he’d lose his train of thought. There is simply no way the Democrats are going to let him get on a debate stage with President Donald Trump, right? The man can barely get in a full sentence, let alone participate in a debate. 

Biden can barely remain lucid in a ten minute scripted video, so the fact that he is reading from a teleprompter and still screwing up says a lot. Debates are around two hours on stage and are not scripted whatsoever. It’s safe to say that whatever we see of Biden is going to be all over the place and won’t make any sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden ‘suddenly’ comes down with coronavirus, the flu, or whatever else will keep him out of the debate and garner sympathy. 

The liberal mobs will be lowering the expectations on debate performance like no other. Mainstream media networks have already said his pressers have been “mostly fine.” Yeah, “mostly fine” if that means long and gaping pauses are normal or dragging out your sentences on the level of someone dosed with sleeping pills. But even then, he had a specific list of reporters to call on and obviously knew all of the questions being asked. This isn’t the first time he’s mistakenly admitted that too. 

Later on in the video, Biden uses the term “woke” to proclaim that the working class are now “woked.” As if that word or the fumbling isn’t bad enough, people are now using the video on Twitter to add their own commentary. One of the his videos was captioned “When you want to go out for midnight munchies, but you’re too drunk to explain it to your buddies,” along with Biden’s ongoing mumbling. His campaign must be terrified of what’s to happen when President Trump crosses him with rhetorical jabs. Does Biden have the ability to think and respond quickly enough? In a coherent way? These questions are buzzing around media outlets pushing him not to debate at all. 

This guy is not prepared to be President. He’s repeating Sander’s talking points and serving as a puppet on strings for the radicals around him. If the man can’t even get through a 32 second video without losing his place, is he really in a position to lead America?