The View’s Hostin Surprised She Agrees With Ted Cruz In Opposing No-Fly List

Sunny Hostin (co-host of ABC’s The View) admitted Wednesday that she agreed with Senator Ted Cruz, R.Texas, when he opposed the introduction of a no fly list for passengers who behave unruly while onboard an airplane.

During a segment on the proposal for such an a list, the Republican critic stated that she was “kinda creeped out” by Cruz’s agreement. She also argued against dictating whether someone can fly based only on one incident.

Hostin stated that she never imagined that Ted Cruz would agree with her one day. She then said that she believed TSA mask mandates would end March and that people would be placed on a no fly list instead of a law that had been repealed.

She said that such a list would make flight attendants redundant and give them too many powers to decide if someone can fly in the future.

Later, she argued that flight attendants would not want to be held responsible for such an incident and that there should not be a federal mandate that airlines share information about future passengers.

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host, responded by claiming that some behavior has forced the government into taking action and becoming “nannies” for troubled people.

Later, Hostin agreed with Lauren Wright, guest co-host, that anyone who is placed on any no-fly lists should have a time limit and that the standards for putting someone on those lists should be uniform.

She suggested that anyone who gets “a little drunk” while on a plane should not be placed on a no fly list.

Goldberg replied, “Watch how much alcohol you consume.”

After a series of incidents in which flight attendants have been “punched, kicked and spit upon”, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA is calling for disruptive passengers added to a national list of no-fly.

Cruz was one of the Republican senators that sent a letter this week to the Department of Justice requesting it to stop the creation of such an alphabetical list. The letter cited potential injustice to those who might violate mask mandates.