The SNL-Like Cringeworthy Moment That Defines the Biden-Harris Team

Joe Biden tested positive for COVID again on Wednesday for the fifth consecutive day. He will therefore remain isolated at the White House.

Biden’s condition was again addressed by Dr. Kevin O’Connor. O’Connor stated that Biden had symptoms after he fell with “rebound positivity”.

O’Connor stated that they would monitor him every day.

O’Connor stated that the President is feeling well in a White House memorandum. He still has occasional symptoms of a cough, but it is less frequent than yesterday. He is still healthy and happy. His temperature, pulse, and blood pressure remain normal. He is also able to breathe normally. His lungs remain clear.”

O’Connor stated that Biden is still “specifically conscientious” about protecting White House personnel who are within close proximity of him. We’ve learned that this was not true as Biden has been photographed without a mask at least twice in the vicinity of Janet Yellen and photographers. Initial reports indicated that Biden didn’t have any symptoms. However, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre revealed that Biden was experiencing lingering symptoms. This information about a cough appears in the two last letters. It is clear that we were not getting the whole story.

On July 21, he was the first to test positive.

He hasn’t been seen in public since last Thursday until he made remarks he made about the killing of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on Monday. That wasn’t “public” either since he spoke from the balcony of the White House.

He’s also been working remotely. He attended an interagency task force meeting on abortion Wednesday. Kamala Harris appeared to have taken charge of the meeting.

This was the moment that typifies the Biden Harris team’s inability to succeed. It’s also hilarious. Biden is trying virtual communication with the room, but Harris does not have the microphone turned on. Harris can disable the mute but it is not clear if Biden could.

He tells her, “You’re on mute, I can’t hear you.” Maybe they didn’t want him to hear what they had to say. She finally gets it, then cackles in response saying, “We feel your presence.” It’s as though he were an entity from another plane and she was conducting a seance. Joe laughs.

Maximum cringe. It is like an old-school SNL skit. Except those were sometimes funny and didn’t have harmful consequences for the country when they didn’t get things right.