The Left Hits New Low With Down Syndrome Drag Shows

Holy exploitation, nonbinary Batperson!

We thought we were done with the commies’ drag show-going ways, but then a miscreant from England said “Hold my appletini!” and added Drag Syndrome to the mix.

Drag Syndrome is exactly what it seems to be, but you wish it wasn’t. Drag is a group of adults with Down syndrome who perform in drag.

Mashable, a digital media outlet, has released a documentary on Born To Dance With An Extra Chromosome.

When I first saw the video, my second thought was “Who is paying to watch people with Down syndrome perform in drag?” Tanka Marshall, an autism expert, asked the same question. “Who are they targeting now?”

I thought, “What kinda miscreant is OK with demeaning people with Down syndrome?” Drag queen RuPaul was one of them.

David Vais is the evil behind Drag Syndrome. Mashable’s article details his attempts to wrap himself in virtue while defending the shows he produces.

The “art” Vais refers to was quickly condemned by social media.

Vais stated, “There’s a drag, We’re doing ballet, and We’re performing theater.” “We do different art forms.”

Vais said, “Drag is taking control of the world anyway.” “People with learning disabilities and Down syndrome also have much to say and lots of talent. It’s great for the audience to see and feel it.

Who is it good for?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), people with Down syndrome are defined as having an IQ that is “in the moderately-to-moderately high range.”

It is a horrible idea to ask these adults to wear make-up and dance for approval and applause.

Although Drag Syndrome’s Twitter account has been active since June 2018, it only has 4,006 followers. Vais might take this as a sign and look for other innocent people to exploit. There are plenty of “lobster boys”, who would be willing to join a burlesque troupe.

Let’s have some fun and change the channel. You should follow “Jokes and a Point” for the latest video. It is a conservative YouTube channel that you should be watching.