The Biden Crime Family Must Be Held Accountable

The House Oversight Committee released a cache of evidence yesterday that Joe Biden, his family and other associates received funds from Romanians and Chinese during his tenure as vice president. The payments were made through shell companies that only existed to launder money. They did not have any products or services to sell. They had nothing of value except the influence of Joe Biden.

All of this was verifiable by bank records. The House Oversight Committee dug up all this information and handed it to the media as a gift.

The mainstream media isn’t interested.

The same media who reported on the Trump/Russia hoax, despite not having any evidence to support it, scoffed and dismissed the evidence of the House Oversight Committee as “just another Republican attack on Joe Biden’s family.”

The next presidential election is coming up, and the mainstream media will do everything they can to keep the American people from learning the truth about the Biden crime family. Those who already know about it will forget about it soon. Joe Biden promised to “finish the task” if he were elected. But what does this mean?

Joe Biden, in just two years as president, has already managed to compromise national security through disastrous foreign policy decisions. He has made America look like a joke around the world. He opened America’s border, allowing a flood illegal immigrants and deadly fentanyl to enter. He has sent inflation to new highs and caused you to suffer at the pump. He has waged a war against women’s sport and an attack on American values.

Joe Biden’s presidency makes the nation weaker. You get poorer. His family gets richer.

We will. PJ Media is committed to holding Joe Biden, his administration and the White House accountable — even at our own risk. We risk being censored when we disagree with the narratives of mainstream media and Big Tech. This threatens our ability deliver the truth.