The Biden Brothers Find Themselves In Hot Water

It’s clear at this point that President Joe Biden will stop at nothing to let his family use his name for business and financial gains. On Inauguration Day, Joe’s brother, Frank Biden, flaunted his relationship with the President in a law firm ad to draw attention to the Berman Law Group’s class-action suit against a group of Florida sugar cane companies.

“The two Biden brothers have long held a commitment to pushing environmental issues to the forefront; the president-elect has vowed to rejoin the Paris Agreement and wants to set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, for example,” the ad reads.

The ad first appeared in the Daily Business Review with a picture of Frank Biden and quotes him saying “My brother is a model for how to go about doing this work.” This isn’t the first time Frank has used the President’s name for business gains. In 2020, he called his name a “tremendous asset” in landing charter school contracts in his home state of Florida and said that his family has a record of ‘taking care of people who need help.’

Frank Biden also worked with Delmarva Group, a small consulting firm, that was involved with federal lobbying on behalf of Chesapeake Petroleum and Supply during the Obama Administration. He said his “limited engagement” with Delmarva was based on providing advice and business counseling but did not exactly say what he did. He denied any accusations to be employed by any lobbyist or lobbying firm. Delmarva became inactive in 2018 and closed in January 2020.

Only a week into his presidency, Joe told Frank “for christ’s sake, watch yourself” and warned him not to get sucked into something that would eventually hurt him. This caused a stir in the White House since Frank is not the first member of the Biden family who has tried to use Joe’s name. The President’s son, Hunter, has previously come under fire for his business dealings to lang lucrative business deals in both China and Ukraine. Joe’s other brother, James, has also dodged allegations regarding the use of his name.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was pressed on Biden family allegations and refused to comment on the situation. “I’m not going to get into private conversations between the president and his family members. We all have lots of conversations with different family members, I’m sure,” she said.

Secretary Psaki said that the President was committed to creating the “most ethically vigorous administration in history” and that includes restrictions on how his image can be used. The White House also said that the president’s name should not be used for any commercial activities by his family members in any way that could imply, endorse, or support.

Just another family-related business scandal in the Biden Administration.