Texas Woman Paralyzed After Robbery Suspect Body Slams Her

After a robbery suspect attacked a Texas woman at a Houston-area shopping mall last month, she left her paralyzed.

Nhung Truong (44), withdrew a large amount of cash from her bank. The observing suspect then reportedly followed her for 24 miles to a shopping mall where he attacked her.

Surveillance footage shows Truong being approached by a man who slowly walks up to her, reaching for her belongings and then reaching for it. When he grabs her phone, she drops everything on the ground. He then returns with her cash envelope. He chases her, but she runs against him and he grabs her, slamming her to the ground and stealing the money.

Due to a spinal injury, Truong is now paralyzed.

According to KRIV, the suspect took $4,300 from Truong, which she had been saving for a trip to Vietnam with her family.

The victim is a single mother of three children aged 13, 15, and 20 years old. All three are currently attending school. Truong is now in a wheelchair.

Truong’s mother Nu said that Truong lost her husband seven years ago to liver cancer.

She said, “I feel very terrible and sad all at once.”

The family was told by doctors that a single mother has a 50% chance of full recovery.

Houston police stated that they are looking for the suspect.