Texas Gov. Abbott Declares “Invasion” at Southern Border, Deploys National Guard

The turbulent relationship between Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Joe Biden’s relationship took a new turn on Thursday. Abbott and Biden are continuing to spar over the border crisis. Texas and major cities in the United States have been hit the hardest by the influx of asylum seekers and illegal migrants.

The situation is now at a boiling point, as Abbott has declared the border crisis to be an “invasion”, due to the surge of illegal migrants and asylum seekers trying to enter the U.S. The governor sent National Guard troops in order to stop the flood of border crossings.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sent Texas National Guard troops along the southern border in order to stop what he called an “invasion” of illegal migrants.

Abbott posted on the social networking site X “I have declared an invasion on our border due to Biden’s policy.” “We deployed the Texas National Guard and Department of Public Safety along with local law enforcement.” “We are building razor wire and marine barriers, as well as a border fence.” “We are also repelling migrants.”

Abbott accused federal border agents on Wednesday of removing state-installed razor wire at Eagle Pass, which allowed illegal migrants to enter the U.S.

Eagle Pass, an area bordering Texas, is at the center of the crisis. The town has seen a significant increase in the number of people crossing from the south. As the town struggles with the arrivals, the situation has become so critical that Mayor Rolando Salinas Jr. has to declare an emergency. Salinas has criticized the Biden administration for its handling of this situation.

Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in March 2021 to deal with the influx of illegals and asylum-seekers. In order to spread the burden across the country, he began busing illegals and asylum seekers to cities governed by Democrats, such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. This political maneuver was successful in bringing more attention to this problem. At least some Democratic politicians have criticized the Biden Administration for not taking effective action to deal with the worsening of the situation at the Southern Border.

Abbott’s controversial decision to deploy floating barrier buoys along the Rio Grande River in order to discourage illegal border crossings has been highly criticized. Legal challenges have been filed against this action. The action has been criticized by those who oppose Abbott’s immigration policy.

Reports claim that immigration lawyer Kate Lincoln Goldfinch disputes Abbott’s claims of “invasion.” She describes it as “inaccurate and dangerous.” Goldfinch claimed Abbott was using the verbiage in order to strengthen his position during the legal battle to keep border buoys. The U.S. Constitution allows the state to enforce federal laws on immigration by calling the influx of immigration “invasion”.

The border crisis is a perfect example of the many problems that the United States immigration program faces, especially now that President Biden is in the White House. The administration has not done much to stop the flow of asylum seekers and illegals at the southern border.