Texas Democrat Affirms Gender Identity: “Anyone Who Claims to Be a Woman Is One”

When asked to define “woman,” a Democratic state legislator in Texas gave a circular response.

What is a woman? GOP state Rep. Matt Schaefer asked Democratic state Rep. John Bucy.

Bucy stated that when a female tells him they are a woman, he knows they are a lady. He also noted that he trusted them to give him the right answer.

Schaefer continued the conversation, asking Bucy to “define a woman.”

Bucy doubled down by declaring, “If someone tells me that I’m a female then they are.”

Schaefer didn’t give up and continued to press for an answer.

Mr. Bucy, can you explain it without using a word? He asked, pointing out that “a woman being a woman” is not a description.

Schaefer said, “I want you to define it without using any words.”

Bucy replied by saying that he trusted Schaefer and other people on the floor to either tell him or not to tell him about their gender.

Southlake, Texas Mayor John Huffman responded to the video clip by tweeting: “Hilarious listening to people twist themselves into knots when they are asked these simple questions.” “This Dem representative knows what a woman really is, but he won’t tell you because he is afraid of the trans-ideologues within his base. Come on, you guy.” “A political party which cannot define a woman is not one that’s worth joining.”

“It’s insane to think that Dems in the #txlege are so extreme in a short period of time that their rank-and-file members openly argue that a male is a female just because he claims to be one. It would be funny if it wasn’t so crazy,” Brian Phillips from the Texas Public Policy Foundation Tweeted.