Teacher Defends Biological Sex Science Against Trans Activists on Dr. Phil

This week, a fifth-grade teacher refused to back down on “Dr. Phil”, defending biological sexuality and refusing criticism from trans activists.

In an episode focusing on “gender inclusion” in schools, Dr. Phil and guests discussed, among other things, Oregon’s Menstrual Dignity Act which mandates every Beaver State school bathroom to make menstrual products available to students. The guests all agreed that it was absolutely necessary to put menstrual products into boys’ restrooms. The teacher named Ray had enough.

“Men do not menstruate. He declared that only women menstruate.

Trans activist “Jordan”, immediately responded. Jordan responded, “Cis men don’t have menstrual periods but trans men do — just like non-binary individuals.” Menstruating isn’t exclusive to women.

Ray replied, “Yes it is.” If you are young and your [sex]chromosomes are XX, you will menstruate. If you are XY you will not.

Jordan replied, “Correct”, and claimed Ray “excluded” a group of people. He was referring to transmen.

Ray replied, “They are not men.” They’re men dressed as women. You are not a male. It’s fine to pretend to be male. Live your life.”

The advocates of trans ideologies claimed in another segment of the show that even toddlers experience gender dysphoria. One guest said that gender identity “solidifies” by the age of four. Ray responded bluntly, “That’s not true,” explaining how many boys with gender dysphoria grow up to become gay or lose their identity.

A member of the audience confronted Ray later in the show and asked why he was “so concerned” with trans ideology. Ray replied that he didn’t, but trans activists wanted those who disagreed with them to be concerned. The member of the audience responded by saying that they want people such as Ray to “stop being hateful” or “to be silent.”

Ray replied, “I disagree with what you say and you call it hatred.” “But I don’t feel any hatred at all.”

“You’re being hateful.” The audience member replied, “When you tell someone who identifies themselves as a male that they are not a male — that is hateful.”

Ray replied, “That’s not hateful, it’s the truth.”