Student Loan Borrowers Protest Repayment, Threaten Boycott in Collective Outcry

There is no other group that has more problems with life than the leftists. They seem to tend to think up ridiculous ideas. The hardest part of adulting for young lefties is to become responsible. It is mind-blowing to think that these young lefties should be exempted from real responsibility. These poor snowflakes have had their collective tantrums over student loans. What is the vehicle chosen for their collective foot-stomping? Of course, protest in the form of a “boycott.”

After a three-year pause due to the COVID-19 epidemic, student loan repayments resumed in 2023. Now that it’s time to get serious, some borrowers have stopped paying their student loans to force the federal government into canceling a large portion of their outstanding debt. They are mature. They are the future leaders in America. conducted a recent survey that revealed some interesting facts. Remember that this total bill includes 43 million borrowers with a combined debt of approximately $1.63 trillion. Sixty percent of those surveyed said that they have not made a payment on their loan since repayment resumed last October. 94 percent of those who made payments said that it was financially difficult — welcome to the real world, cupcakes. 69 percent of those who did not make payments said that they could not afford to do so. 18 percent waited until September 2024, when the consequences would be imposed on those who had stopped paying.

Student loan boycott has been planned for some time. In August, calls to boycott student loan repayments started making their rounds. Then, 26 percent of respondents said that they would be “very likely” to take part, while 36 percent indicated “somewhat likely.” But while most actual adults know that this is probably not the best way to get your voice heard, the social justice, everybody-gets-a-trophy generation sees it a bit differently. Among those who were aware of the boycott, 45 percent felt that it was “very probable” and 41 percent “somewhat possible” that the boycott would get the attention of those in government who oversee student loan programs. Other people had longer-term political motives. 32 percent felt that it was “highly probable” and 18 percent thought it “somewhat possible” that the boycott would pay off by electing more candidates advocating for student loan forgiveness.

As usual, the left fails to look past the present. Jake Hill, the founder and CEO at DebtHammer – a loan consolidation firm – is a leader in his field. He warned that failing to pay off student loans can lead to more financial problems in the future.

“Although it is easy to understand the frustration that’s behind the student loans boycott, this will not lead to positive changes.” It will instead destroy the credit score of those who participate. It may not be a big deal in the short-term, but failing your student loan can make it harder to get funding for future purchases.”

The student loan boycotters seem to have a single goal: getting their way. It doesn’t seem like other things, such as being unfair to those who did pay back loans, some of whom endured financial hardships to do so, because it was right, are a factor. The Supreme Court also rejected Joe Biden’s plan of loan forgiveness in June 2023. The Court rejected the plan because it was an illegal use of presidential powers, as he had not received express permission from Congress.

Joe Biden, like the snowflakes of student debt, is also trying to get what he wants. SAVE will be available in February to those who have borrowed less than $12,000 and made payments for at least 10 years. It seems that those of us who were good and paid back our student loan debts following our agreements with Uncle Sam are the last to finish.