Staten Island Pimp and Crips Gang Member Lured 14-Year-Old Into Prostitution Through Instagram

An alleged Crips member was indicted for luring a 14-year-old girl via Instagram into prostitution and other horrendous crimes.

The Eastern New York District U.S. Attorney’s Office reported Tuesday’s unsealing of the indictment against Justin Dixon.

Investigators claimed that the 32-year-old contacted a 14-year-old girl via Instagram and forced her into prostitution with several other women. According to the criminal complaint, he took her cell phone and said that she would have to make it back by having sex at paid customers.

He is accused of making her consume pills that would help her gain weight in order to make her appear older.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Lorena Michelen wrote that Dixonon overfed Jane Doe, telling her repeatedly to eat more to make her look older.

“The defendant also told Jane Doe that he was arranging a trip to Florida with Jane Doe and that he wanted to arrange plastic surgery for Jane Doe, including breast implants, in order to make her appear older than her current age,” she added.

Prosecutors claimed that Dixon threatened the females with violence if they refused to serve him at his Staten Island residence. They were then forced to nude him while they cooked and washed for him.

Because of her small frame, he allegedly called the 14-year-old girl “tiny”.

On Jan. 26, Dixon was arrested by police at his Staten Island home. His criminal history dates back to 2016.

Dixon was charged with coercion, enticement, and sex trafficking of minors, as well as sexual exploitation and a felony in possession. He faces a minimum of 15 years imprisonment and a maximum sentence of life imprisonment if convicted.

Experts advise parents to be vigilant about their children’s online interactions. Sexual predators are regularly trying to lure children through social media platforms.