State Senator Bill Eigel Announces Candidacy for Missouri Governor

Bill Eigel, Missouri’s state senator (R-Weldon Springs), officially launched his campaign to become the governor of the Show-Me State on Friday. Eigel, who represents Missouri’s 23rd District state Senate since 2017 made things official during a Campaign Launch Event on Friday afternoon at St. Charles Regional Airport.

Eigel’s nomination will result in a three-way contest for the Republican nomination. Parson has been serving as the outgoing governor since 2018 when former Governor Eric Greitens left the position. The current Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe, and the current Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft also want to be the next state chief executive. Crystal Quade, House Minority leader, announced that she will also be running for this office. However, given Missouri’s reddish hue and the fact that Republican candidates have won the position in 2016 and 2020 with six and 17 points, respectively, it is likely the Republican primary will take center stage.

Eigel, 45 years old, lives with his wife Amanda and their two kids in Weldon Springs, MO. More background:

The Eigel Family includes Bill, Amanda, son Kevin (19), and daughter Lisa (16), as well as two poorly-behaved Great Danes, Pika and Belle. The Eigel family is a Christian one—they worship at St Joseph’s Parish in Cottleville, Missouri—the same church Amanda and her family attended where she grew up.

Bill Eigel started his adult life in the United States Air Force as an Aircraft maintenance officer. He achieved the rank of Captain and served in assignments in Louisiana and Arizona, and then at Whiteman Air Force Base, Knob Noster in Missouri. Bill Eigel was the Aircraft maintenance officer in charge of half of America’s fleet of B-2 stealth Bombers.

Bill served in multiple foreign locations during his career, including Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal in 2004 for serving as the Officer in Charge for America’s main airlift refueling stop between Afghanistan and Europe.

Eigel’s website highlights these key elements of his campaign platform:

  • Defense of Elections
  • Defense of Economic Freedom
  • Defense of Parents, Kids, and Families in Education
  • Defense of the 2nd Amendment
  • Defense of Life

Eigel made his name in the Senate by challenging the Senate leadership and criticizing the failure of key GOP agenda items to be implemented.

Since Eigel entered the Missouri legislature, he has joined other Republicans to criticize the Senate GOP leadership over a number of issues, including the size and scope of the state’s budget, as well as efforts in 2022 to redistribute Missouri’s congressional district. In an interview with Eigel in February, he said that Republican voters are becoming increasingly disenchanted by the Missouri GOP.

Eigel stated, “As I travel around the state I hear a lot of Republicans who are disappointed that we haven’t implemented more large Republican policies.” “And they point to states like Florida, where Ron DeSantis has the perception that he is,” Eigel said. “I’d like to see a day when Ron DeSantis turns on the television in the morning and asks: Man, look at all the great things happening in Missouri?”

Eigel wants to take that same approach in his gubernatorial bid, saying:

We cannot blame only the Democrats for our current situation. The squishy Republicans are to blame for allowing it to happen. We need bold leadership. We need conservative leaders, warriors who are willing to take on the establishment. I will offer this alternative to the Missourians.

The Republican primaries will be held on August 6, 2024.