Stacey Abrams Serves As Board Member, Governor Of Foundation That Supports #AbolishThePolice

Stacey Abrams is a member of the UPS Family Foundation’s board and governor. This foundation supported the defunding and elimination of police forces.

Abrams is running again for Georgia governor. She attempted to distance herself from the hardline rhetoric #DefundThePolice used during past elections.

Marguerite Casey Foundation published an article in Washington Post highlighting the hidden costs of police misconduct.

The foundation tweeted on March 3: “Grant recipient @DreamDefenders + Partners established the Doctors Within Borders Urgent Care Clinic as part of a larger movement that creates service and sites for intervention in the police violence prison system. ” #DefundthePolice. ”

The foundation tweeted their support for abolishing prisons and law enforcement. On February 11, they tweeted #AbolishthePolice. A story about Atlanta’s Prison Industrial Complex was shared by

In February, the foundation hosted an event called “Becoming Abolitionists”. The event featured a history of failed reforms in police and a vision of true public safety. Carmen Rojas was the foundation’s CEO.

Rojas stated that Republicans had “fully funded ethnonationalism and White supremacy” during the February 3 discussion between Derecka Purnell (proabolitionist writer) and

The foundation held an October 2021 book giveaway in support of Colin Kaepernick’s essay collection, “Abolition For The People” (Movement For A Future Without Prisons and Policing). ”

The foundation says the book “features the brilliance and wisdom of many amazing thought leaders, building upon decades of organizing and opening up new possibilities.”