Special Forces Presence in Ukraine Confirmed by Kirby After Leaked Pentagon Document Sparks Controversy

We previously reported that there were concerns over leaked documents from the Pentagon that made their way onto the Internet. These documents contained highly sensitive information regarding the readiness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Documents related to the war against Ukraine were included in the leaked files. They contained documents that were related to the war in Ukraine.

It is probably safe to assume that this is a small problem. This may have also revealed how deeply we were capable of piercing Russian intelligence and exposed our methods for it.

Another leak claimed that NATO forces were present in Ukraine on Monday. Another leak revealed that there were NATO forces in Ukraine.

John Kirby from the National Security Council confirmed that there is a small U.S. military presence in the American Embassy in Kyiv.

“I won’t discuss the details or that of things. There is a small U.S. Army presence at the Embassy in tandem with the Defense Attaches office in order to help us in working out accountability of material being sent in and from Ukraine.” Kirby said, referring specifically to the U.S. support and weapons provided to Kyiv. These are attached to both the embassy and the defense attache.

Kirby stated there were a few soldiers not on the field and that the pledge not to have our military on the ground was not being broken.

Fox reported that “security services” were also provided in part by a few employees.

Kirby stated they were making “overt attempts to reach out to pertinent allies and partners to explain to them (as best we can), what we know” about the leaks.

Although we don’t have much information, we know we are serious about this. A criminal investigation is underway. The Department of Defense will be reviewing the matter to determine the implications for national security. We listen to your concerns and questions and will do our best to address them.

Kirby stated, “We don’t know what others might have or might still release.”

“I won’t discuss the contents of some of these leaked files. He stated that he believes you would understand that we must protect our national security. We take this breach in data protection very seriously.”

On April 10th, Kirby didn’t seem to be able to figure out what was leaked or how much trouble it might have caused.

Do you think this is a constant threat? He said, “We don’t know.” This is more than a little concerning.

Kirby however, was critical of the media’s inability to report on it.

Fox suggested that the leak may have come from outside the Pentagon. These pages should be printed with secure printers that are able to assign numbers.

Fox News also discovered that highly classified intelligence documents are online.

This intelligence appears to have been produced by other U.S. government agencies, such as the National Security Agency or the Central Intelligence Agency.

This intelligence is not easily accessed by those in the Pentagon and their inclusion suggests that the leak may have come from outside the Pentagon.

They might also be able to track the source of leaks.