‘SNL’ Makes Fun of Frail Joe Biden

“Saturday Night Live’s” cold-open skit mocked Joe Biden for his age and confusion. In the past, I was critical of SNL because it had become a one-sided propaganda machine for Democrats and they rarely wrote funny material anymore. Remember Kate McKinnon singing Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ in mourning after Hillary Clinton lost in 2016? Funny ha ha.

Remember back in April, when the show’s first nonbinary actor was hired and he immediately came out to yell about transgender children’s rights? At the time, I wrote that it was “about as much fun as hitting oneself over the head with an axe.”

Mikey Day did a pretty good job of impersonating the bumbling President. He nails the stiff robotic way that Biden walks. Check it out:

In the video, the president is busy preparing the Oval Office to celebrate Halloween. He says clearly out of breath, “I am just excited about Halloween, the best holiday in the whole world.” He continued:

Here’s what you need to know. The world is in a scary place at the moment; there’s war, shootings, and climate change.

Nothing puts people at ease more than an 80-year-old man hanging up Halloween decorations.

Then he shuffles to the ladder and starts gingerly climbing the rungs. I thought they would go to Chevy Chase territory, with the comedian playing former president Gerald Ford. He’d trip and fall over and over again. These skits are the stuff of legend and helped make SNL famous back then:

The new skit didn’t show “Biden”, but it was amusing to see him realize that he wasn’t supposed to be on a ladder and that he couldn’t reach over to hang the bat.

He picked up the bloody, severed arm later and realized that it was not a Halloween decoration. He said, “Oh shoot! Oh no!” “That is not a decor, it’s the arm that our dog Commander tore off a Secret Service Agent.” We’ve previously reported that two of Biden’s dogs had a bad habit of biting White House staff.

The seven-minute-plus skit also had some funny moments, such as when the actor portraying incoming House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-LA, appeared and said: “Anyway I’m second in line to replace you so I’m eager to see more ladder stuff.”

Christopher Walken shows up at the very end and everything gets weird. But Walken is always entertaining to watch.

SNL has poked fun at Biden before, but they have mostly seemed to pretend that he doesn’t even exist. SNL could be having a great time with Vice President Kamala Harris, but I’m not aware of any top-notch viral spoofs.

Even SNL mocks the president’s age. It’s good to see that they are trying to be more fair after airing an endless loop of unfunny and savage skits about former President Donald Trump while he was in office.