Sidney Powell’s Legal Career in Ruins After Kraken Fiasco and Indictment?

After the 41-count indictment against Donald Trump, which was announced in Fulton County, Georgia on Monday evening.

Sidney Powell is a former pro-Trump attorney.

Powell was dropped from Trump’s Legal Staff in November 2020. Her absurd claims have been repeatedly criticized by his lawyers, including her threat to “Release The Kraken” (a mythical sea monster resembling a giant octopus that can destroy ships and drag sailors into their fate). The inclusion of her in the indictment is both justifiable and satisfying. Powell’s Kraken now lies at her feet.

Trump’s 18 names of defendants are:

  1. Former NYC mayor and Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani — 13 counts
  2. Former constitutional law professor John Eastman — 9 counts
  3. Former Congressman and Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows — 2 counts
  4. Lawyer and campaign advisor Kenneth Chesebro — 7 counts
  5. Trump-era Justice Department lawyer Jeffrey Clark — 2 counts
  6. Trump legal team lawyer Jenna Ellis — 2 counts
  7. Atlanta-area lawyer Ray Stallings Smith — 17 counts
  8. Personal injury lawyer Robert Cheeley — 10 counts
  9. Director of 2020 Election Day operations, Mike Roman — 7 counts
  10. 2020 chair of the Georgia Republican Party, David Shafer — 8 counts
  11. President of a pool-contracting company, Shawn Still — 7 counts
  12. Police Chaplain Stephen Lee — 5 counts
  13. Mixed-Martial-Arts fighter Harrison William Prescott Floyd — 3 counts
  14. Celebrity stylist and publicist Trevian Kutti — 3 counts
  15. Member of the Georgia GOP executive committee, Cathy Latham — 11 counts
  16. Bail bonds business owner Scott Hall — 7 counts
  17. “Fake elector” and GOP official in Coffee County, Ga., Misty Hampton — 7 counts
  18. Former Trump legal adviser, who helped direct efforts in Georgia to investigate the 2020 election results, Sidney Powell — 7 counts

While the above list is a bit eclectic, Powell, along with Rudy Giuliani, stands out as perhaps the most damaging to the former president — in the court of public opinion, that is.

Powell and Rudy Giuliani may be the two worst for the former President. At least from the perspective of the public.

Powell is a supposed high-powered attorney who made a series of absurd claims. Powell claimed that the former US President should be “reinstated” and that a day for the Inauguration is set up because of “abject fraud and obtaining a US Coup”. This was despite the fact there were no mechanisms within the U.S. Constitution or body of constitutional law that would allow the former president to be reinstated.

Giuliani has reportedly begun to place Powell on trial:

Robert Costello, Giuliani’s lawyer, said on CNN that “Rudy Giuliani had nothing to do with this.” “You can’t attach Rudy Giuliani to Sidney Powell’s crackpot idea,” he added.

According to Rolling Stone, Powell “has been a major focus of the Special Counsel’s Office in recent months,” but Trump is at the center of the investigation. The question remains whether co-conspirators will turn against Trump as the special prosecutor presses them to do so.

According to two sources cited by this outlet, Trump asked his advisors during the summer who they thought was the most “vulnerable”, among the people being questioned by the special counsel’s office. This could be a sign that Trump is worried about the investigation.

Before Thursday’s arrest, it was evident that Trump and the other alleged conspirators had already determined who was the weakest link — the most vulnerable.

Lin Wood is worse than Sidney Powell in terms of my use of “satisfactory”. In July, he had asked the State Bar of Georgia to change his status as an attorney from “active” to “retired” in exchange for dismissing pending disciplinary actions against him.

Wood’s predictions were a bunch of nonsense, such as that Vice President Mike Pence would be executed by firing squad. Adhering to the U.S. Constitution.

Finally, the reference to British rock band Jethro Tull’s “Shuffling Madness”, is over. In the mind of an old rocker, the lyrics to “Locomotive Breath” by British rock group Jethro Tull are appropriate.