Senator Cotton Calls for DOJ Investigation of “Terrorist Journalists”

Senator Tom Cotton has sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding he open a national security investigation into what CNN, AP, Reuters, and The New York Times knew and when they knew it in regards to the photographic evidence of Gazan, and it seems Hamas, freelancers actively participating in the attacks on Israel on October 7.

In response to reports that “journalists”, employed by the Associated Press (AP), CNN, New York Times, and Reuters, accompanied Hamas terrorists in Israel during the terror attack on October 7, I am writing. They almost certainly knew of the attack before it happened, and they even took part in the terror attack by filming and accompanying Hamas terrorists. At least in one instance, an individual affiliated with one of these media outlets took a selfie as a Hamas terrorist who was involved in the attack kissed him on the cheek. Federal law makes it a crime to provide material support, such as funding, to terrorist organizations like Hamas. The Department of Justice should immediately launch a national security investigation to determine if these four media outlets or their leaders committed federal crimes in supporting Hamas terrorists.

Cotton is right on all points. Nobody has ever denied the affiliation of so-called “journalists,” who work in Gaza, with Hamas. About a half dozen freelancers who worked for four news agencies were on the scene when Hamas terrorists crossed over the barrier fence to enter Israel. The only reason they could have been there is because they knew when and where to arrive. Ian Fleming once said: “Once, it’s just happenstance.” Once is a coincidence. Four times shows that you are part of a criminal conspiracy. Pretend that a group that planned the operation in secrecy and escaped the attention of multiple intelligence agencies “just happened” to be there at the right moment.

Hamas has been designated as a terrorist organization. Federal law makes it a crime to provide funding to Hamas. It is illegal to fund Hamas terrorists who pose as journalists. As the banking industry learned through “know your customers” laws, failing to know that your employee is a terrorist is no good defense. A news organization that shares office space with terrorists, and has a history of doing so, cannot claim ignorance of the activities of its freelancers.

These people are on the scene of murders because they document their activities to earn money. These people were at the scene of the murders.

They were present when Hamas broke the security of a kibbutz and began their murderous rampage.

Even one is riding a motorbike with a terrorist group and holding a hand grenade.

The New York Times sent a non-response sarcastic to Senator Cotton, just as they circled the wagons to protect their Hamas freelance “journalists”.

Observe how they deny a claim that no one made (a New York Times worker) and ignore the other allegation (a New York Times freelancing who was aware of when and where Hamas terrorists were going to attack Israel).

Mehdi Hassan, MSNBC’s resident terror simp and one-man Fifth Column, was shocked.

Garland won’t investigate because he is part of Joe Biden’s protection network.

But there may be final justice that is more cost-effective than a federal criminal prosecution. Israel has indicated that it considers these people to have been members of the Hamas attack, and it will hunt them down.