Sen. Manchin’s Campaign Bankrolled By Green Energy, Fossil Fuel Groups

Senator Joe Manchin (D.W.Va.), has received millions in donations over the years, mainly from the oil, coal, and gas industries. However, he also receives donations, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

From January 2021 to June 20,22, Manchin received donations totaling more than $1.1million from companies and political actions committees. This is only a small percentage of the $7 million Manchin received in donations from companies and political action committees. However, Manchin has also received thousands of dollars from organizations that support green energy.

Manchin’s campaign has been supported by groups such as PACs associated with West Virginia-based Solar and Wind Energy Company Clearway Energy Group and Apex Clean Energy.

Manchin won’t be up for reelection before 2024. Fox News Digital attempted to reach Manchin but was unsuccessful.

Lobbyists and fossil fuel companies have been known to give Manchin many donations. OpenSecrets is a watchdog on campaign financing and declared Manchin the highest recipient of donations from lobbyists and fossil fuel companies. Manchin still earns a profit from the coal business he started before becoming a politician.

Progressive politicians and climate activists blasted Manchin for being a traitor to the party. He had killed the Build Back Better agenda and decimated large climate initiatives.

This changed when Manchin (D-N.Y.) announced an agreement with Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, on the Inflation Reduction Act. This includes spending hundreds of billions on climate programs.

Climate activists have criticized the Inflation Reduction Act’s large climate spending and its chimeric nature. This proposal will advance many fossil fuel projects and streamline approvals for pipelines, climate grants, and tax credit programs.

I-Vt. is currently the only climate-conscious liberal member in Congress that supports the bill. He said last week that it was the “largest climate action in human history.” ”

Rep. Ro Khanna (D.Calif.), told Politico this week that he advised Manchin not to support a bill that would have fossil fuel allowances if it had “massive amounts of carbon spending.” ”

Khanna said that he spoke to Manchin earlier in the year and stated, “If the climate portion is large enough, it will be 10-to-1 for positive effects.” You’ll be viewed as a pioneer in climate legislation, having introduced it from West Virginia. ”

The Inflation Reduction Act provides $433B for new green energy programs and expanded Affordable Care Act benefits. Democrats claim that the bill will lower the cost of inflation by reducing the deficit and increasing revenue.

Republicans have criticized Manchin’s willingness and ability to compromise with President Biden’s agenda despite his opposition of the Build Back Better plans. Many believe that he will be faced with a difficult path to reelection.

Politico reported Wednesday, that Senator John Barrasso (Republican form Wyoming) stated Manchin’s seat would be a target for GOP in 2024.