Sen. Bob Menendez’s Wife Killed Pedestrian With Car in 2018, Connected to Bribery Scheme

Nadine Menendez, wife of New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez, was involved in a fatal accident in 2018 before she was married to Bob Menendez. At the time Nadine Menendez used the name Nadine Arslanian. She was never charged with any negligence or fault in the accident.

Let’s start by examining the accident.

The accident that was first reported on by The New York Times in Bergen and The Record in Bergen, New Jersey, on Wednesday night, December 12, 2018, took place in Bogota.

Arslanian said that while driving down Main Street a man, identified later by NBC New York, as Richard Koop “jumped on my windshield,” according to a dashboard video obtained.

Police found Koop lying unconscious on the road. According to records obtained for NBC News, he had “severe head trauma, bleeding on his face and in his back, and possible fractured limbs and arms.”

Arslanian’s hands “bled” after she struck Koop, and police records show that Arslanian also hit a vehicle parked.

She was never charged. Her insurance company did pay a settlement to Mr. Koop’s family.

DeBouter stated that the family received $60,000 after attorneys’ fees. The family received $60,000. This includes attorney’s fees.

The real story, it turns out, is the Mercedes. Check the timeline. The timeline shows that Ms. Arslanian met Sen. Menendez, the New Jersey businessman accused of paying bribes to him and Ms. Arslanian.

According to the FBI, Arslanian started dating Menendez in February 2018. He also connected Menendez to Wael Hana a New Jersey businessman who had connections with the Egyptian government. Hana then introduced the couple to Jose Uribe, another defendant involved in the bribery scheme.

How Ms. Arslanian got her first Mercedes is not known. It is however interesting to learn how she acquired its replacement. She complained to Menendez the cash cow and was given a brand-new Mercedes.

She sent Hana texts “on numerous occasions” until about January 2019.

Arslanian, Menendez, and Uribe agreed in January, just weeks after the accident, to have Menendez call a prosecutor to help an associate of Uribe, “in exchange for a car.”

Menendez is accused of doing this in the indictment.

The FBI reported Hana and Uribe got to work to get Arslanian a $60,000 Mercedes-Benz convertible, according to the FBI. The indictment states Arslanian bought it in April 2019, with a cash down payment of $15,000 from Uribe. Prosecutors claim Uribe took care of monthly payments.

Paul Harvey, the late actor and comedian, would say, “Now you know exactly what happened next.”

Senator Menendez is accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from Wael Hana, Jose Uribe, and others. The senator also accepted a Mercedes and other bribes. But now he is trying to pretend ignorance. The (of all people), severely disabled junior senator from Pennsylvania led this effort.

The death of Mr. Koop is deeply regrettable. We are deeply saddened by the death of Mr. Koop. It was a bad decision she made (running across the street after dark and far from any marked crosswalks, traffic signals, etc.) that led to a driver following her who could have been speeding or not.

The real story here is how Ms. Arslanian later blatantly complained about her lack of a car to the very person accused of handing six figures in bribes to the New Jersey Senator she later married. Even for a Jersey girl, that’s some serious chutzpah. What’s more, it worked; she got her Mercedes, and presumably the Egyptian interests got their quid pro quo.

This corruption is on par with Biden.

It is likely that Senator Menendez won’t be able to hold onto his position much longer. The attacks keep coming and, unlike the Bidens’, the Menendezes do not have the influence to escape scrutiny.