School Dismissed Claims of Lunch Lady Inappropriately Messaging Students Before Arrest

A Connecticut school lunch lady spoke with district officials to discuss “concerns about social media and maintaining appropriate boundaries of communication with students”. This was six weeks after she allegedly sent nude pictures to a student and sexually assaulted him.

Andie Rosafort (31), was a part-time lunch lady in New Fairfield’s public schools. Concerns arose over her actions on social networking, according to an email exchange on Dec. 1, 2022, between Rosafort and the principal of the middle school.

At the time, she was posting makeup videos as part of her business selling skin care products, according to the email and court documents.

It appears that her accounts have been deleted since then.

In an email to Rosafort, Karen Gruetzner, Principal of New Fairfield Middle School, stated that she was grateful for the opportunity to speak with her about concerns regarding social media and how to maintain appropriate boundaries and communication between students and teachers.

“As we discussed it, there was a report suggesting that some images were shared or seen by high school students via your social media accounts.”

Gruetzner advised her to exercise caution when communicating with students via texting, social media, and messaging.

Rosafort stated to officials that she does not text students directly during the meeting. This was also documented in the email.

This contradicts New Fairfield police’s probable cause affidavit that she allegedly began communicating with an 8th grader while she was in the middle school lunchroom.

According to the affidavit, the communications were not inappropriate at the beginning and continued into the summer of 2022.

Things allegedly escalated in September 2022, after the teenage student started high school.

According to a report, she allegedly sent him a message saying “You want to see something?” The affidavit states that she sent him an explicit picture and repeatedly asked him to send her videos.

According to the affidavit, this allegedly went on for several months until Jan. 13 when the victim left a friend’s party. Rosafort allegedly assaulted the victim in an SUV.

Rosafort’s lawyer Jennifer DeCastro Tunnard declined to comment while she waited for discovery materials. Gene Zingaro, the victim’s father, also declined to comment.

Fox News Digital obtained documents through its public records request. These include letters from Superintendent Kenneth Craw that were sent to the Board of Education during the investigation, and Craw’s Jan. 17, letter to Rosafort, in which she placed her on leave. Also, Craw’s Jan. 18, resignation email.

The school district stated that it is not commenting on the provided documents at this time.

Craw sent a recent email to the school board regarding Rosafort on February 17. He included a summary of Rosafort’s hiring practices as well as her “supervision” and evaluation.

She was hired on Feb. 28, 2022, and assigned to New Fairfield Middle School. However, she was only an employee for less than one calendar year.

Rosafort and the principal in the Dec. 1, 2022 letter. He said that a staff member had reported to the school administration in late November 2022 a “vague reporting of possible inappropriate messages between minors and Ms. Rosafort.”

Craw reports that the police were notified of the report.

The district did its own investigation. This included a review and interview with Rosafort, the minor’s family, and a conversation with Rosafort.

Craw wrote to the school board that “the investigation did not yield any information that substantiated any improper interactions between Ms. Rosafort, a minor”

He stated that the criminal case and “vague report”, involved two students.

Rosafort was charged with second-degree sexual abuse, enticing minors by computer, and the risk of injuring minors.

She pleaded guilty to all charges and was released on $100,000 bail. She is scheduled to return to court on March 23.