Sanders Is Thinking About Making You Feel the Bern in 2024

Biden is now eighty-eight. Biden now is 80. Left-leaning people still believe that Biden (the foggy-minded old liar and foggy-minded old liar), is past his sell-by deadline.

Bernie is older than Joe and has more experience than Joe. However, there are rumors that Bernie was Eugene V. Debs’ campaign manager during the 1920 election. Sanders seems to be able to think clearly and has fewer dementia symptoms than Joe. Sanders’ inability of getting upstairs does not mean he is worthless.

Faiz Shakir, Sanders’ advisor, stated that Bernie was considering throwing in his Bogart-era Fedora.

Shakir acknowledged that Sanders’ age is as important as Bidens.

Shakir said that Bernie would listen, even if it was not acknowledged by Biden, his socialist colleague if Joe decides that he wants to continue as the Chief Figurehead long into his eighties.

This is the same as April when Shakir said in April that Senator Sanders had not ruled out running in the Democratic primary. Mike Casca was a Sanders spokesperson and claimed that Senator Sanders was the most loved person in the office.

He could be America’s most beloved officeholder, reflecting the current state in the consciousness of the American public. Ron DeSantis, however, would be a strong contender for the presidency. This would be a tragic commentary on the current state of consciousness.

These socialist gerontocrats will age with the times but power in America will remain too lucrative and appealing for them to retire.