Rosie O’Donnell Holds Nothing Back Over East Palestine Disaster, Reminds Americans of EPA’s History

It’s obvious when Rosie O’Donnell is gone that it’s not good.

TikTok posted a clip in which the liberal comedian mocked the Biden administration’s response to the East Palestine train accident. She called it “a tragedy of epic proportions.”

O’Donnell, a non-enthusiastic Biden supporter specifically, attacked the Environmental Protection Agency because she believes it was an indifferent response.

“I have been following all the news reports about this terrible train derailment and chemical release — toxic poisoning — in Ohio. She said that fish are dying, chickens are dying, animals get sick and people get sick. Then, the EPA issues a non-alarmist ‘Everything is OK’ statement.

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O’Donnell stated that she doesn’t trust the EPA after 9/11. The EPA declared Ground Zero safe and free from health hazards.

However, this tragically proved to be false. In fact, more people have died from complications and cancers resulting from the attacks and their dangerous aftermath than the attacks themselves.

“They lied to the American people. I don’t believe the EPA,” O’Donnell said again.

O’Donnell compared the East Palestine incident with other notorious environmental catastrophes like Three Mile Island and Love Canal. They’ve poisoned hundreds and thousands of people. O’Donnell stated that their lives are “ruined” and that they don’t know where else to go.

O’Donnell stated that this was a tragedy of immense proportions and that the chemical and train companies were guilty of criminal negligence. “And nothing is being done about it. It is not often mentioned in the media. It is not something people talk about. It’s almost like it was put on the back burner.

O’Donnell’s video was well-received by conservative circles as well as other critics of the government.

O’Donnell responded to the praise by saying that she hadn’t “finally” woken. O’Donnell instead said that this is what she feels about “all the national tragedies.”

“I didn’t finally wake up.” She replied, “This is exactly how I feel about all national tragedies.” “This is how I feel: compassion and disappointment for my fellow man, frustration with a government that doesn’t take enough care of its citizens, and frustration at how corporate entities seem to be able to live in impunity in this nation now.”