Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Gets Instagram Ban After ‘Sharing Debunked Claims’

Big tech giant Facebook recently removed the Instagram page of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a lawyer and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy for violating its policies against “spreading misinformation.” While they haven’t disabled his Facebook account, they wrote that the Instagram account was deleted after sharing “debunked claims” about the coronavirus and vaccines.

Kennedy is the founder and chairman of a nonprofit organization called Children’s Health Defense, a page that has been actively sharing posts and expressing skepticism with the COVID-19 vaccine. The social media accounts for Children’s Health Defense have not been removed. A spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram, said that the company doesn’t automatically disable accounts across the board since users may post different things on different platforms.

Kennedy used his account to try and link the death of legendary baseball player Hank Aaron to the COVID-19 shot, noting that there has been a “wave of suspicious deaths among elderly” who got the vaccine. He also questioned Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ support for vaccines and his advice on curbing the spread of the virus and distributing vaccines, accusing him of profiteering off vaccines.

However, Kennedy’s account was removed hours after he posted a section of a video from the movie “Planet Lockdown” by Catherine Austin Fitts, which seeks to expose a system of planetary control between Big Tech and the Federal government. The movie also looks at research that the vaccine could cause infertility. It’s not harmful to question and dig into these claims with a vaccine so new.

Kennedy even referenced a handful of New York Times articles talking about the new mRNA technology that created some of the first SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. The article said the technology is still untested and could cause serious health problems, such as immune thrombocytopenia, a blood disorder.

He had 800,000 subscribers on his Instagram platform, which was growing exponentially with his claims that government and media organizations were engaged in a conspiracy to suppress evidence of the vaccine’s harmful effects.

Reporter Jon Miller called out big tech for the censorship. “Robert Kennedy Jr., who has been a warrior against drugs and alcohol and autism inducing vaccines, is banned from Instagram for saying what we’re all thinking about this vaccine,” he tweeted.

Facebook announced that they would be expanding the list of false claims to remove, including additional debunked claims about COVID-19 and vaccines following the World Health Organization and other leading health organizations. Other social media platforms said they have recently updated policies on “false claims” and “misinformation about vaccines.”

Big tech always says that ‘misinformation’ is just ‘debunked claims’ but they never say who debunks those claims exactly. They want to refrain from spilling the truth – any diversity in opinion is not allowed.