Richard Dreyfuss’ Shocking Performance Prompts Theater to Issue Apology: Prepare for a Tough Ride!

It would be great to tell you my favorite film is “Citizen Kane” or “Casablanca.” This would make me appear erudite. Or I could use “Star Wars,” making me appear culturally relevant to at least some people.

My favorite movie of all time is actually “Jaws.” It’s not physically possible to wear a DVD out, but my copy must have been pretty worn. Once, I was able to quote the entire movie. Another column will be written to praise “Jaws”.

Richard Dreyfuss held “An Evening with Richard Dreyfuss and Jaws Screening”, at the Cabot Theater, in Beverly, Mass., over the weekend. Some reports claim that it was not well received by all attendees. Deadline reports that Dreyfuss entered the stage in a dress and wiggled his hips while brandishing his cane as if it were a baseball bat. The crowd went crazy.

Breitbart reports that Dreyfuss had been asked to give a few remarks before the screening. The actor used the opportunity to criticize the Academy Awards’ trend towards inclusivity and transgenderism, especially the practice of converting children. He also criticised Barbra Streisand.

According to various sources, some audience members began to boo Dreyfuss and others left the theatre before the film began. The catcallers and those who stormed out of the theater accused Dreyfuss of being misogynistic and homophobic. You know what to do. The Cabot Theater went as far as issuing an apology.

We share your concerns. We do not share the views of Mr. Dreyfuss, nor do they reflect our values. We regret the pain this has caused many of our customers.

The theater also engages in an “active dialog” with its customers and is dedicated to learning from this event. This is, of course the only response that the theater can give. Heaven forfend that you stand up for Dreyfuss’ First Amendment rights.

This video, which is at the end, shows that many people were able to understand Dreyfuss.

This is the transcript because the audio quality isn’t great. Dreyfuss speaks about his book “One Thought Fears Me …:We Teach Our Kids What We Want Them To Know; We Do Not Teach Our Kids What We Don’t Wish Them To Know.”

We don’t know who we are because 50 years ago they removed civics from the curriculum in all American public schools without anyone knowing. If we don’t bring it back quickly, we will all die. Don’t let your children be the last Americans. You know what I mean.

Dreyfuss could have used this opportunity to take potshots against Trump and conservatives, and to laud the traditional causes of the left. No one would’ve stormed out or jeered.

Dreyfuss is considered by most to be a classic liberal. He founded The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative which is a non-profit organization that promotes civics and Constitutional knowledge, as well as the things that make America so great. The initiative also promotes greater education in these areas.


Bill of Rights is one of the earliest political documents to give its citizens individual freedoms. America, built on Enlightenment ideas, was built as a nation that relied on the sovereignty and power of its people. This was a revolutionary step in a world of monarchies, tyrannies, and other forms of oppression. Our political system emphasizes individual power by giving citizens the unique ability to be a part of a sovereign group that elects representatives, and influences policies.

Progressives are not interested in any of these thoughts. The progressives cannot tolerate different ideas and, worse, they can’t fathom that their beliefs are leading the country to a cliff. Dreyfuss wants to warn the public about this. Or as Matt Hooper said:

Progressives prefer to hear that beaches are open and the water is safe.