Revelation from Cuba: Priest Exposes Communist Regime’s Stranglehold on Christians, Forcing a Fight for Religious Freedom

A Catholic priest from Cuba has highlighted the harsh persecution Christians face in his home country if they don’t bow down to the Communist regime.

Last year, even the U.S. Government admitted that the Communist Cuban regime “tightly controls’ religious activities and worship in the island nation. This was done through fines, harassments, surveillances, imprisonments and forced exiles. Religious leaders or groups must register or else face consequences. This is the reality Fr. Alberto Reyes Pias, according to International Christian Concern, stressed the importance of religious freedom during a panel discussion at the 2024 International Religious Freedom Summit, which was held in Washington D.C.

On the surface it may seem that the Communist Cuban Government allows for some religious freedom. Alberto said that “churches were open, worship was allowed, catechesis existed, young people gathered, one could openly discuss God, own a Bible and wear religious symbol.” But, such actions can only be done under the strict control of the Communist government. You’ll soon discover that Cuban Christians are not free to practice their faith without the government’s approval.

Fr. Alberto said that what the Cuban government wants to be seen as “normal” by people is not normal. Alberto emphasized. It is not normal for a Communist Party-led Office of Religious Affairs to oversee and control all movements of the Church, despite the attempts to portray it as such. He said that it was not normal for the Office of Religious Affairs to press Cuban bishops into restraining social or political activities by priests and laity.

He added, “It’s not normal for public faith expression to be dependent on permits.” It’s not normal for the Church to have no access to any media communication and to be denied its own. It is not normal that different denominations are denied access to national health and education systems, and cannot have their healthcare and schools.

Even the most basic of duties are considered crimes. It is not normal for the Church to be harassed because it defends the innocence of political prisoner and assists their families. It is not acceptable for priests, nuns, and laity to be persecuted for speaking out for those who are harassed and defamed because of their faith. Alberto insisted.

He said that Cuban Christians have the “spirit” of survivors, even though “this life is exhausting”.

We ignore the threats and attacks of the Office of Religious Affairs, as well as other actors of state. We demand permits for the rebuilding of our church buildings, and to publicly express our faith. We purchase houses and register them in the names of trusted individuals so that they can be converted into churches. We use social media and our networks to distribute evangelistic material. We use our means to get and distribute food, medicine, clothing, or anything else that could help alleviate the precarious conditions of the people.

The men are not designed to live in constant war, said Fr. Alberto said that for 65 years, Cuban Christians had been dealing with a system “allergic to the central Christian values,” a system “on high alert” whenever it heard about truth, justice, and freedom.

Fr. Alberto said that the Christians in Cuba are not willing to abandon their faith, but they want to be assured of international support. Alberto ended. “We will fight on, despite this high price. But we must know that we’re not alone. Others are willing to speak out when we’re silenced. They will defend the truth if others are lying about a Cuban utopia that doesn’t exist.

He concluded: “We must know that others, day by day pray for us before the God who brings us together, asking for freedom, conversion of our people, and forgiveness for those oppressing us and who need to open their hearts to a God, who is also their father.”