Republican Jewish Coalition Vows $5 Million Support for Trump’s Reelection Bid


The Republican Jewish Coalition announced on Thursday that it would raise at least $5,000,000 to support former President Donald Trump in his bid to win a second term as president.

The organization announced, “The money would be raised by donations to the grassroots group that represents Jewish Republicans nationwide, and the initiative will be coordinated via donors and the RJC Victory Fund super PAC.”

Fox News reported that RJC national political Director Sam Markstein said the $15 million in independent expenditures was the biggest independent spending ever made by the group.

Former President Trump, who has condemned the antisemitic demonstrations that have risen on campuses in the United States, is driving the effort.

“As antisemitism spikes to record highs and America’s relationship with our ally Israel continues to reach new lows, the Jewish community is more energized than ever to turn the page from the failures, broken promises, and betrayals by Joe Biden,” Markstein said. “Nov. 5 cannot come soon enough.”


In 1985, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) was formed to represent the conservative Jewish community and Republican legislators and party officials. In March, the Coalition officially endorsed Trump’s second term.

In April, the former President spoke out against the antisemitism displayed in the protests.

Trump stated that “the Biden protests are terrible — they are all because of him — he cannot put two sentences together.” “He has to make a stand because colleges in the United States are overrun.”

Trump said that “the antisemitism and all the other problems are being overrun.”

Trump stated, “I have never seen anything quite like it.”

American Jews are still registering as Democrats by a margin of more than 2-1. In a shocking post-Oct. 7th article in the Free Press by writer and podcaster Konstantin Kisin, he pointed out that this may be changing.


On October 7, many people were sympathetic to some parts of the woke ideology. They went to sleep that night wondering how they could have agreed to a worldview that had nothing to do with terrorists raping and killing innocent people in mass numbers.

The reactions to the attacks, from outwardly pro-Hamas protests to the slurred statements of celebrities, college presidents, and CEOs, have exploded the stories that many center-left people told themselves about progressive identity politics.

The recent events are yet to determine whether they will lead to a significant change in American Jews’ political views. The Republican Jewish Coalition founded by late political donor Sheldon Adelson and businessman, is known to be conservative. However, recent events, including the protests occurring on American campuses and the Biden administration’s tepid support for Israel, could change some people’s minds.

Biden’s reelection campaign, so far, has raised more money than the Trump campaign. In 2016, Hillary Clinton spent twice as much money on her campaign than Donald Trump and lost the election.