Reporter Claims Biden ‘Successfully Refuted’ Sexual Allegations

WILMINGTON, DE - OCTOBER 19: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden arrives at The Queen theater on October 19, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. According to the campaign, Biden is recording an interview with CBS 60 Minutes that will air Sunday evening. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

A Washington Post reporter just got a rude awakening after bragging online that Biden ‘successfully refuted’ a sexual assault allegation. If this doesn’t reveal the corrupt and biased journalism of the radical left, then I don’t know what does. 

It started out with McClatchy DC political reporter Alex Roarty who posted a series of tweets talking about Biden’s popularity being a surprise to both parties in a hyper-polarized election. It argued whether Joe Biden was responsible for his popularity or if it has to do more with running against President Trump. 

Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel then brought up the elephant in the room. “Biden so successfully refuted a #MeToo accusation that nobody talks about it anymore, and for whatever reason the CW is still that the *other* candidate is Teflon, can win by firing up his base, etc,” Wiegel tweeted. 

He went on to brag that he underrated Biden’s appeal in the primary, but then saw the collapse of the whole Tara Reade accusation and is now convinced that it is unusually hard for President Trump to attack him. Of course, the accusation collapsed. He is a part of the radical left mainstream media that blocked the story from being reported. 

The Me Too Movement was reduced to a joke after the way Democrats treated Tara Reade. For months, the radical left refused to give Tara Reade a platform so she had to share her story on 60 Minutes Australia. They waited several weeks before filing reports on her allegation and tried to discredit her in quite a masterful way. 

Fourth Watch editor Steve Krakauer was one of the few Twitter users to point out the media bias against the sexual allegations. “successfully refuted a MeToo accusation” = did one interview in which he said it wasn’t true, never released corresponding documents which could dispute the claims, the disinterested media just moved on,” Krakauer tweeted. 

Others also responded to Weigel’s comment by saying that Biden benefited from the media’s double standards. If it’s a Democrat being accused and politically inconvenient, the radical left turns a blind eye. They gave up the story and gave him the presidential nominee. 

Whether it’s CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, or Washington Post, Biden is always protected.