Rep. Linda Sanchez Alleges Offensive & Misogynistic Comment’ Prompted Obscene Gesture At Republicans

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) is defending her actions at the Congressional Baseball Game on Thursday evening after she was caught flipping a bird to Republican lawmakers. She claimed she heard an “offensive and misogynistic” comment.

Fox News Digital’s Sanchez stated Friday that she heard the remark at the annual charity game and it “struck a nerve,” which led her to make the gesture.

“The Congressional Baseball Game has been one of my favourite events of the year. It’s a wonderful cause that brings together both sides of the aisle for a night free from partisan politics,” the statement said. It was because of this that I felt compelled to share my experience with the Republican side when I heard a sexist and offensive comment on my return trip to the dugout.

Sanchez was pulled after a sixth-inning lead-off walk. As she made her way towards the dugout, Sanchez glanced back at the lawmakers on the opposite side of the aisle, before making the offensive gesture.

“In the heat, I reacted. She continued, “I have zero tolerance for men making women feel unimportant or not welcome — especially on the field.” “I will never tolerate this kind of bigotry.”

Sanchez didn’t clarify who made the alleged comment or what was meant by it.

The Republicans won the game 10-0. This was their second consecutive win and improved their record in the classic game (first played in 1909) to 44-42-1.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, was the Democratic team’s coach in an interview with Fox News’ Chad Pergram. She stated that congressional members continue to put aside differences for baseball because of their mutual love for the game.