Recount Reveals 2,631 Uncounted Georgia Ballots

Georgia’s Floyd County recently found 2,631 votes they had apparently “failed to count” during a recount for the 2020 presidential elections. 

Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State, had blamed election officials for failing to upload the votes from a memory card in a ballot-scanning machine. The problem did not come from the day of voting or absentee, but rather early voting on October 24. The scanner broke and about half of the votes were not properly recorded. After the scanner broke, ballots were taken to a second scanner where they were wrongly scanned. 

This error wasn’t found on Election Day, but rather after President Trump and the Republican Party requested a statewide audit. There were several ballots that were counted more than once. In one report, there were 141 ballots cast but 216 were counted. The reports also found that out of the 38,588 votes in Floyd County, about 6.8% of the votes were not originally counted. 

Out of the 2,631 votes, it looks like between 1,600-1,900 were Republican votes cast for President Trump. So far, the newly discovered ballots have handed Trump an additional 800 votes, but there is still a 14,000-vote gap with President-Elect Joe Biden. These numbers were found over the weekend after nearly 20 hours of hand-counting ballots. 

The state’s voting system manager Gabriel Sterling recommended that the county’s elections director should resign after such a massive error. “It’s not an equipment issue. It’s a person not executing their job properly. This is the kind of situation that requires a change at the top of their management side,” Sterling said. 

The race is too close for “errors” like this. Can you imagine what votes weren’t originally counted in massive counties like Fulton County? The bottom line is that we are seeing more ballot errors in the recounts every day. We need a full audit verifying voter registration signatures, absentee ballot application signatures, and absentee ballot outer envelope signatures. 

So far, we’ve only seen mistakes in Democrat-run cities for Republican votes. Why are no mistakes going the other way? There is strong evidence that the election results can’t be trusted. Several counties have already been found excluding a significant number of Trump votes and we are seeing more each day. 

The states’ 159 counties have until midnight Wednesday, Nov. 18 to finish the recount. If Biden wins, he will have grabbed Georgia’s 16 electoral votes, flipping a state that is historically red. No matter what the results are, the work is far from over.