Questions Mount as Biden Extends Vacation, Leaves WNBA Champs Hanging

The WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces, who were eager to meet Joe Biden on Friday and the First Lady, were disappointed. Peter Doocy reported that the President extended his vacation to Lake Tahoe and chose to send the B-team consisting of Kamala Harris and her husband instead to facilitate the White House Event.

It is not my intention to defend the WNBA as a terrible product, but I find it very disrespectful that the Bidens decided at the last moment that they had other things to do and would not be attending an event planned months in advance. Ironic, given that the president is always talking about gender equality. It’s ironic that the president’s constant talk of gender equality doesn’t matter.

It’s interesting to speculate about the reasons why Biden decided to extend his vacation. It’s not as if he hasn’t had enough downtime recently, since he was away from the White House for almost the entire month of August. He went to Rehoboth Beach first, then to Camp David and, as I write this, is in Lake Tahoe, at the house of billionaire Tom Steyer. What’s the story? I have a few thoughts.

Remember how Biden looked terrible when he decided to put off his vacation and visit Maui a few days after the island had been devastated by a fire? He would sometimes appear to be falling asleep on camera or zoning out, but he was making incredibly insensitive jokes about people who just lost their homes.

Biden decided to stay at Lake Tahoe because he was having one of those “bad days” where he couldn’t function well enough to go out in public. If I were to place a bet, my money would go on that. There’s no way a president would cancel a scheduled appearance at the White House unless something extraordinary happened behind the scenes.

There’s also another explanation that could be given, but it would make Biden appear even worse. It could be that he didn’t show up because he was too busy. This is the most indifferent president of all time, who could not pretend to care for anyone other than himself and his own family.

He was shamed into going to Lahaina in Hawaii, where hundreds have died and hundreds remain missing, including many children. He had to interrupt his holiday to make the trip, which was only 13 days after security had been established in the area. Biden could be so lazy and self-centered that he extends his stay at Lake Tahoe because he feels like it. This guy is living his dream on taxpayers’ dime. No one and nothing else matters.

I’m sure he will arrive at the White House rested and ready to take on the challenges facing the country. I’m kidding, he will probably go on another vacation.