Pro Surfer Kelly Slater, 51, Shows Signs of Concerning Psychopathological Condition

In a recent podcast, Rob Lowe, the still gorgeous eighties heartthrob, has put an end to the debate that has been roiling sports in a newly released podcast.

Literally! Slater introduces Rob Lowe, the fifty-nine-year-old actor who was famous for his role as part of the Brat Pack of the 1980s in films The Outsiders and St. Elmo’s Fire, and for starring in a sex video in a Georgia Hotel Room in 1988 with two fans, one only being sixteen years old.

“I’m geeking out, man. Everybody talks about people being the GOAT. Tom Brady’s the GOAT, and Tiger Woods is the GOAT. They’re…GOATS… they’re…GOOOOOOATS…but they’re not The GOAT. Today, we have The GOAT Kelly Slater. The greatest surfer who ever lived. Eleven-time world champ. Youngest world champ and then the oldest world champ. No one has dominated a sport, any sport, individually, ever, in history than Kelly Slater and surfing.”

In this case, I’m with Lowe. Although you may remember that in February of last year, JP Currie wrote 150 words about why Slater wasn’t the greatest athlete ever.

Sport is simply sport at the end. As we all know, the highest and most spectacular moments can be a lot more.

When we discuss those worthy of the title GOAT, it should be about athletes whose performances transcended sports. We should talk about people who have been globally recognized and remembered historically, who are idolized and deserving of this status.

What has Kelly done to the world? What has surfing?

What is his impact compared to Muhammed Al-Ali, for instance?

Kelly’s actions and words outside of surfing could be ignored, but I do not think that we should ignore them.

Sport influences culture and brings hope to people. It also instigates change.

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