Pro-Hamas Professor Loses Her Mind Over Being Arrested


On Wednesday, pro-Hamas demonstrators discovered that Orange County was a little different from other parts of California. The terrorist supporters took over a UC Irvine building and built barricades while chanting genocidal chants. This illegal camp did not last as long as other illegal camps on college campuses.

A professor was arrested by police in riot gear after they cleared the area. Her video has gone viral for a good reason. She went completely crazy as she was being taken away, her mask hanging from her chin.

The following text should be read in a demon’s voice if you are unable to watch the video. That’s how she sounds.

Professor: In a democracy, we cannot have a foreign policy that is genocidal! These young people will pay for these terrible decisions. This police force out there today is the equivalent of thousands of student scholarships! Our cruel chancellor decided to throw away thousands of dollars of state funding that could have helped a lot of students go to college, buy books, and get housing. What is my job if students have no future?!

Irony is so thick, you could cut it with your knife. While this lunatic is arrested for breaking the laws in support of terrorists she complains that taxpayer funds were spent on police rather than more scholarships so that she could teach more young people her brand of insanity.


What exactly does she teach, then? Tiffany Willoughby Herard is the professor, and at UC Irvine she is an “Associate professor of Global & International Studies”. She is also a “Professor Specialist in the Chief Albert Luthuli Chair” at the University of South Africa.

Willoughby Herard’s “research interest” is pretty amazing.

Research Interests

South Africa, whites poor, race and foreign policy, diasporas, black political thought. feminist pedagogy. decolonizing theory. comparative political theories. community and civic engagement. radical thought.


What would you bet that her research on “poor whites”, which she has been doing, is to label these people racists? The rest of the list is a murderer’s row. “Comparative race politics, black political thinking, third-world feminisms”, along with “decolonizing theories” and “radical thoughts.” You would expect that she’d be the same person as her behavior in the video above.

These nutjobs are being paid six-figure salaries with taxpayers’ money to teach at these major Universities. They want to destroy not only the United States but also modern civilization around the world. The idea of decolonization is based on the perverted leftist ideology of oppression. It assumes that those who are poorer or have a darker complexion must be morally righteous in their pursuits.

Will Willoughby Herard be fired for this? Although she should be fired, the academic world has spent decades creating protections to make professors almost untouchable. You shouldn’t expect me to hold my breath. She’ll be back in no time to pollute minds.