Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Post-Royal Plans Fall Flat

Media is frustrating. Stories and projects that have been highly praised but fail receive less attention.

I recently wrote about the decision by Quaker Oats Company to remove Aunt Jemima from the shelves. When Quaker Oats Company said that they would eliminate the brand during BLM protests in 2020, the press reacted with excitement. Unfortunately, the disastrous effects of these protests were barely covered.

Meghan Markle’s highly praised podcast deal has been a failure on Spotify. The recent ending of Meghan Markle’s highly-publicized show has been met with little interest.

The couple’s podcasting firm, Archwell Audio took six months to find a director. Her first episode was released only in August 2022.

Bill Simmons, an executive at Spotify and a well-known sportscaster, has spoken out against the couple after they announced the termination of their deal.

We should have launched “The F***ing Grinders” with Meghan and Harry. I wish that I was involved in the Spotify negotiations.

Harry wanted to focus the show on his own experiences. Meghan had done this in her own, truncated show. Harry has never produced a Spotify program.

Meghan revealed she did very little work, even though it was minimal. She spoke to Mariah Carey, Serena Williams, and others directly. In some episodes, however, Meghan did not speak directly with her guests.

It appeared as if Markle was conducting the interviews with guests when she asked questions and made comments. The Royal Couple Mystique façade is a vacant building.

Archwell Audio CEO, Archwell Audio, resigned on December 31st. There has been very little evidence to support this.

Apart from a documentary series – about themselves – there is little to be seen. A show following athletes competing in Harry’s competition, “The Inctus Games” has never materialized. Last summer it was announced Netflix canceled the production of Meghan’s animated program “Pearl”.

It is not surprising that couples with little or no content struggle to create any.