Portland Commissioner’s Home Targeted By Radical Left

Dozens of radical left “protesters” have already started vandalizing property after a Portland commissioner, Dan Ryan, voted against a measure that would defund the Portland Police Bureau’s budget. The vote would’ve redirected $18 million from the police budget to other programs, including social causes. Dan Ryan is the city’s newest council member who is against cutting the police bureau’s budget, proposed by Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty.

In a speech to his supporters, Ryan stressed the importance of keeping the police budget right where it is, while exploring other options to the already made cuts of the Portland Police budget. The radical left called the refusal to make any more cuts to the police departments “white supremacy.”

“This 18 million proposal is a threat to our current public safety. It is our responsibility to work together and meet the demands of constituents and present a plan that is impactful, grounded in data, sound budgeting and community engagement,” said Ryan.

Protesters marched to Ryan’s home, broke a window, tossed burning flares and paint-filled balloons, and marched around chanting “Black Lives Matter!” And “F**ck you Dan Ryan!” Flaming objects were also thrown near the doors of the Portland City Hall. Ryan later posted to social media about the incident.   

“I appreciate that members of our community are passionate. But trespassing at the home I share with my fiancé; disrupting and intimidating my neighbors and me – and vandalizing my property – is not a productive or safe way to express opinion. I have elderly neighbors and I fear for their safety and well-being,” Ryan wrote. 

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler also weighed in and added that violence, criminal destruction, and intimidation are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The “defunding of the police” would have cut about 7.4% from the $244 million budget. The city council had already cut $15 million from the budget back in June after the George Floyd protests began. 

It’s interesting to see Democratic Mayors tolerate everything for the last four months and blame President Trump, but are now out of excuses and in deep water. The presidential races are still going and people are going to be held accountable for their elected officials, especially those who support “peaceful protesters.” The radical left is showing their true colors.

People are going to wish they had elected officials who stand strong with law and order, instead of those who call our men and women in law enforcement “pigs.” The left had so much fun building up this momentum of rage for months. Have fun trying to break it down now.