Pope Francis Takes Controversial Turn: Bold ‘New Direction’ Sparks Debate on Family and Life Sanctity

For centuries, the Roman Catholic Church has been a beacon that guides its followers to a path filled with righteousness and repentance. It’s a church that reveres its leader for being the embodiment of holiness. Pope Francis’ recent actions point to his desire to bring the church closer to God than to men. I am a devout Catholic and wish it weren’t so, but unfortunately, that is the case.

The pope’s true intent is revealed by a “rubber-stamped synod”. He wants to have more voices in determining the future of the church. There should only be one voice, God’s. The pontiff, under the cover of “inclusion”, has been pushing a not-so-secret agenda that will move the church away from the traditional family and away from the value of life.

Vatican’s announcement that priests can bless what it has called “unnatural marriages” for years is a change from two years ago when the Vatican defined any blessing of such unions as being “illicit.”

I believe that God created all people and they are worthy of His love. The issue is the pope’s bent-knee attitude to social issues. He bows down to minorities and creates division by favoring certain groups over others.

The pope is dividing the church and has begun to select from a list of marginalized groups that are approved by the woke. Pope Francis’s decision to choose who he blesses creates a hierarchy based on the group that a person belongs to. One group is more important or valued than another.

Sorry, but I believe that every human being is a gift of God. Every life is precious and we are all blessed. It’s like George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, where all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

The church leader should lead people to God. The pope’s policies are leading us away from God and toward conformity with man. He is saying that it’s okay to hate certain people — those who are not part of the “blessed” group.

Pope Francis’ example shows that he chooses who to bless and whom to hate.

We tend, as fallible humans, to elevate and bless those with whom we agree. The problem arises when we use the word “blessed”, but only to those with whom we agree.

In 2020, for example, I used the term “blessed”, at a Rose Garden gathering, to describe our nation under President Trump. When I said “We are blessed to have a President Trump who is a builder …”, I felt the Holy Spirit guide me. I was viciously attacked for saying that.

This is a division that’s caused by a hierarchical system of human values.

When the pope calls Joe Biden “a good Catholic” and gives him the Vatican’s red carpet, even though Biden has supported the right to end life in the past, his credibility is seriously questioned. In contrast, President Trump was treated coldly when he visited the Vatican. Trump is a man who has always valued life.

The Catholic Church has endured scandals caused by the abhorrent behaviors of the pedophiles who have lived within its walls. These scandals continue to plague the Catholic Church. Instead of using this as an excuse to bring the church back to its roots, Pope Francis is encouraging Catholics to embrace a new theology that does not necessarily have to reflect the Christian face of God.

Pope Francis has called on the church to adapt to changing times and to the conditions that men and women face in their daily lives in various geographical, cultural, and social environments. This is what some call the “new direction” of the church.

The pope believes that the church must change to keep up with the people. The church, in other words, should be able to adapt itself to the needs of the people. This is anti-Catholic. It should be reversed.

God’s righteousness does not change. The foundations of the faith do not change. Christ’s death and his resurrection did not change. God’s standard of what is righteous behavior also hasn’t altered. As representatives of the church, we are to now say: “Your behavior may be sinful but the times have evolved so we’re okay?”

I disagree. God’s truth is unchanging, no matter what anyone says.

It appears that the Catholic Church is moving away from God. Ironically, I think former President Trump is a better spiritual leader today than Pope Francis. Trump’s leadership in spiritual matters as president was certainly more relevant.

Trump is the first president to have addressed the March for Life. He created the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to protect religious freedom and prevent taxpayer funds from being used for discrimination against religion. Trump was the very first president to address the United Nations and call for the end of religious persecution. During the National Day of Prayer, he signed an executive directive to promote religious freedom and free speech. Most importantly, he chose Supreme Court justices who value life.

These actions are in direct opposition to Pope Francis’s “new direction”.

Trump is more spiritual than most people think. He sees the same thing I do — that America has become a victim of a kind of moral anarchy.

The “progressive” destruction of morality has been a catalyst for the rise of the woken, entitled, hateful, and divisive. The pope doesn’t help matters.

Holiness is absolute. Holiness is healing and unifying. We have more choices than ever: Love, build, and unite, or hate, separate and destroy. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

My life is centered around the Catholic Church and my Christian faith. I pray that Pope Francis will stop focusing on selfish individualism, and instead focus on holiness, and salvation. This will lead us to God.